Superbowl Tonight!

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    BBC One 2255, be there or be square. watch as my new england patriots put the hurt on the new york giants for their 4th title in a decade of enforced parity. how did york even get it’s own colony? no matter. since buying the team in 1994, the kraft family has re-written the book on how to own and run both a sports team and a league – a template for f1 perhaps?

    in the spirit of sharing, i’ll now be watching man u / chelsea :P



    Blue, red, white and gray,
    all the other teams are .. not as good ;-)

    Actually I hold nothing against the Boston Patriots, as long as they let their german lineman play and always give their best against the Jets.
    Hopefully it will be a great game but who who is ol’Brady going to throw the ball if Gronkowski is actually still injured? Still hoping for many hours of good entertainment!



    @bananarama Haha, I see what you did there.

    I’m not really a Tom Brady fan, but I’ll be cheering for the Pats this year. At least they taught those Broncos a lesson.


    Usually I’d be well up for it, but I have an early start tomorrow so I think I’m going to have to miss it.

    Hope the Pats lose. Although wanting the Giants to win feels weird, considering I’m an Eagles fan!



    Didn’t realise it was Patriots playing, I know them because of that brilliant Family Guy episode



    I normally don’t watch American Football because the game has no flow and stops way too often. However, I’ve never really given the sport a proper chance so I might try to watch it. I imagine the Superbowl would be the best way to get properly introduced to the sport.



    I’m gonna be watching at least some of it because my brother and sister both love it, but as I’ve got a pretty early start I might not be able to watch the whole thing. I saw it last year and enjoyed it and saw some matches this year so it should be fun. :D



    Wow, the Patriots are playing horribly. Their defense needs to get its act together quickly.


    Patriots playing anything but Super Bowl football so far.






    Yeah, was a great last quarter, but a sad ending.


    Eli Manning now has more Rings than Peyton.

    Something doesn’t quite feel right about that.



    Well I watched the game and as an American Football n00b, I was very confused at times. For example, that 12 players on the field thing in the first quarter really confused me. Apart from that the whole event looked like fun, and I might watch next year.



    Wow. People in the UK watch American football? That’s unusual. I wonder why no-one watches it over here in Australia. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on TV and I’ve certainly never heard anyone talk about it. I might have to watch the next match online to see for myself.




    Well OneHD are replaying it 10.30pm tonight if you’re curious. I’m just interested in the crazy half-time entertainment that’s all over the news.

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