The new-for 2012 IndyCar Chassis Announcement

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    DeltaWing, Lola, Dallara, Swift or BAT? Which fuuristic design/s would be racing the tracks of USA?



    nice option… dallary makes the base of the car, and everyone can build an aerokit for it… so you get competition and cost under control (lets hope).

    Love it!



    Yeah, great idea. But would Lola want to come forward with aero kits for a Dallara tub? Or would teams have to create and test the aerodynamic parts themselves. Perhaps other minor constructors (the other chassis design presenters?) would be involved.

    However in the media session one of the panelists did say that if Lola comes forward for the aero kits to be added to what he calls the Dallara safety cell, it would be called a Lola chassis and not a Dallara. Sounds really unique and exciting as well. But will it really give a multi-constructor feel?



    I wonder if an F1 team might have a crack at an aero kit, as a side project, all those restricted wind tunnels would be perfect, wonder how well they’d do. Obviously they’d have to go into partneship with an established team, to run the thing who would probably jump at the opourtunity to get such advanced aero tech and knowledge on side. Doing it themselves would be too massive, an besides why not match expert knowledge with expert knowledge?

    Almost any of the established teams could have a crack at it, it’ll never happen, buuuut…



    I must say, what a smart and exciting solution they went for!

    There is also a max cost for the aero kit, and everyone should be able to buy one.

    So you can’t develope a kit for your team and go extreem with it.

    Everyone can create and offer aerokits. Very very exciting!



    I think it is exciting. Lotus has already expressed an interest in being more involved in Indycar racing. It would be great to see Lotus actually build the aero kit and have more of a real Lotus car instead of a standard Dallara painted in the Lotus colors.



    Looks like Lotus cars is taking the return to racing with Fernandez F1 team by the horns and will start do do a complete bodykit for the IndyCars in 2012:

    Lotus Cars motorsport director Claudio Berro said: “We plan to do our own bodykit. It is a natural evolution of our involvement in the IndyCar Series.”


    It’s the first confirmation, that the concept might work, and the first F1 manufacturer to go racing in the US. It might also help awareness of F1 in the states.

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