The Return of an Icon – 2014

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    I think this video says it all..

    Awesome! Can’t Wait



    This could mean anything. It could mean that they will become more involved with GT, and have a Works Team (Real Works team, not Flying Lizard). Although if they did come back with a Prototype, that would be awesome. Still, it was only 3 years ago when Porsche won the 12 hours of Sebring with its LMP2 car, so its not that exciting news since they’ve only been gone 3 years (And their car was used last year by Cytosport Muscle Milk Racing, so really its only been gone a year). I would be more excited if Sauber came back, or Jaguar.



    It is awesome that they are back in endurance racing. What concerns me though is the ramifications to F1. To me, this is Porsche sticking two fingers up to the F1 rules.

    Additionally, I don’t understand why Porsche and Audi would compete against each other.



    I read an article earlier that stated it was a return to LMP…



    This is from the video discription..

    Porsche returns to Le Mans with a works-run LMP1 sports prototype. The first outing of the completely new developed race car is planned for the year 2014. With 16 overall victories, Porsche is the most successful manufacturer in Le Mans.



    Id love to see Porsche return to Le Man with an LMP1 car, as i would Ferrari too (its been wwaaayyy to long but highly unlikley)

    The 917 ranks up there as one of, if not my favourite race cars of all time, and their other Le Man runners of yesteryear also was as goog looking as they were competitive, and Id love to see what Porsche could do in 2014. I wonder how Porsche, if they did return, would power their cars. Surley they have the finances and R&D to get a Petrol car on par with the Audi & Peugeot diesels.

    With the advent of the forthcoming FIA World Endurance championships (which should just be called Sportcar championship), this could be very likley for Porsche (and other manufacturers like Nissan and Toyota) to return to endurance racing. And i hope so.



    Porsche have a point to prove, Audi are at 10 wins and catching Porsche’s record 16 wins fast, so they have to try and keep ahead. ;)

    Or more likely; maybe VW want to show us how great one of their brands can make a petrol engine, so they can win the unofficial ‘LMP1 Diesel’ AND ‘LMP1 Petrol’ classes.

    I fully expect a BMW team in LMP1 again, it just seems to suit their brand, big efficient diesel and petrol engined cars and no current motorsport commitments, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to fight national rivals Audi annd Porsche in a cheaper but highly regarded Leman series.



    Well, I’ve heard rumors saying that BMW will pull out of endurance racing next season in favor of their new DTM program. In other words, they won’t be running the M3 GT2 next season and will only provide factory support for their Z4 GT3 customer cars. Can’t see them moving to a full LMP1 campaign in that light.

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