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    What song is in your opinion “the perfect road song” (a song that makes you want to go fast) when you drive in real life or in a game?
    For me it’s “The Distance” by the American band Cake. If you haven’t heard it, check the lyrics on Google. :P It talks about a relentless driver who keeps going day and night, feeling the power of his car.
    Waiting for your comments




    Running on empty by Jackson Browne



    Used to drive across southwest (USA), going through my tape collection, and eventually the winner became clear: AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. Kept me awake, gave me amazing energy and rhythm, the only trouble was that I got caught speeding a few times because of the song. In fact, the whole record was great for driving. Now I play it while driving my family around and kids started to like it, too :-).



    For me, it’s LA Woman by the Doors. It’s impossible to obey the speed limit with that on full volume!



    Who are you By The who for me. On a side note does anyone know where prisoner monkies disappeared to? He used to be around all the time.


    @octopotent maybe you should quote him using the “@” to see his whereabouts. The same goes for my friend @celeste . Where is she?



    Hello @omarr-pepper , I´m here :)… been busy

    The perfect road song… I guess it´s depends on my mode.

    But some that are on my costant playlist now:
    Kasabian– Goodbye Kiss
    A Great Big World– This Is The New Year
    White Stripes– Seven Nation Army or Fell In Love With a Girl
    Imagine Dragons– Radioactive
    Little Lion Man– Mumford and Sons

    I guess those for now :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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