Tragedy in Argentina

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    Fer no.65

    I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. There was a terrible accident in Argentina a couple of hours ago.

    Guido Falaschi, born October 1st 1989, passed away because of the injuries. He was running second, when a backmacker spun off, hitting him, and starting a chain effect. Guillermo Ortelli, who was 3rd, was out of control and crashed into the back of Falaschi, who had bounced from the tyre walls, leaving him in the middle of the road. Girolami then crashed Falaschi heavily.

    I’m writing this seeking releif. Because it’s incredibly sad what happened and because i watched it live.

    RIP Falaschi.

    the accident (watch at your own will):


    He was exactly two weeks older than me. Another terrible loss. :(


    Fer no.65

    He was 2 weeks older than me too.

    And this comes after 2 weeks of another tragedy, as Ramiro Tot, an 11 years old kart driver, died in a race in Buenos Aires.

    This is just a terrible month in motorsport. I’m totally shattered by what happened…



    RIP Guido Falaschi.



    R.I.P. Guido Falaschi

    The safety of these South American stock car series need to be reviewed. Wasn’t there a fatality at Interlagos earlier this year?



    Rest in peace.

    What a tragic autumn, four deaths in motorsport :/ I hope that’s it for a very long time.



    Wow… RIP. Even straight after the incident the cars didn’t look like they slowing down – seemed like there was no marshalling leading up to the incident.



    Terrible accident.

    I’m not sure if the marshals were waving the yellow flags although you’d have to assume they were. I think part of the problem was that the following drivers didn’t really slow down. There was so much dust in the air but they still went through pretty quick considering they couldn’t see where they were going. Plus the tire barrier fell apart putting tires on the track. Hopefully this will lead to some safety improvements. Motor sport will never be free from fatal accidents but the sport has to learn from all of them.



    wow… terrible accident, very sad…



    Very tragic. R.I.P. Guido Falaschi. If I’m not mistaken we’ve lost Sondermann, Wheldon, Simoncelli, Tot and Falaschi this year. And if two weeks passed between the deaths of Wheldon and Sic, and between the deaths of Sic and Tot, and between the deaths of Tot and Falaschi, this is also very frightening.



    Horrible accident. My deepest condolences to Falaschi’s family.

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