Well done PJ Tierney

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    Just got my November Edition of Top Gear NZ Mag and noticed you are mentioned as #7 on Some More Things worth buying this month. Not sure if you’re featured in the UK version, but good to see you getting some well deserved recognition.



    Yup, it’s in the UK/European editions as well :)

    Here’s a pic of the page I snapped on Instagram when I spotted it.

    To give a little back story, for the past few months I’ve been licensing my artwork out to Memento Exclusives, who sell additional copies of my work, including extra services I can’t provide, such as framing etc. More details on that here.

    Memento do a lot of promotion of their sales and such (you all may remember the Jordan 191 they were selling recently) and mentioned contacting Top Gear Magazine regarding promoting my posters and their site. As you can see they made it in the mag, so at least now I can say my work’s been featured in Top gear Magazine, which is pretty neat :)

    Regarding my own stock of posters and my personal store, I’m currently winding down things for 2012. I have a few copies of most left and once they’re gone, that’s it for the year*. I’ve no plans for 2013 yet so these may be the last time you see these posters (at least in this style).

    Anyways, thanks for the kind words and noticing my work, it’s much apprecated and I’m glad people like them :)

    *Note: The final 3 F1F prediction prizes are unaffected by this.



    I’ve no plans for 2013 yet so these may be the last time you see these posters (at least in this style).

    Reading that was enough to get me to order one of your Britain posters, which I’ve had my eye on for a while! My room is looking a bit bare at the moment, and I think it will look great here :)



    It has to be said, I’m loving my “Constructors of F1” poster. It’s really very good. Fair play to you PJ. :)



    Just purchased the 2012 Canadian GP poster as it was the first ever F1 race I have attended. I think it was the last one in size A2. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks, PJ

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