What are the best-looking cars in motorsport in 2016?

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    Keith Collantine

    Was just struck by the gorgeous style of Pietro Fittipaldi’s Formula V8 3.5 Fortec car for this year. Great chassis, classy livery:

    What other racing cars in F1 and beyond have caught your eye this year? Share some pictures below…



    I usually don’t like the look of race cars compared to their road counterparts. Massive Porsche fan but the 918 is ten times as beautiful as the 919 in my opinion. I’ve never been a big fan of open wheel cars for their aesthetics.

    If I would have to choose a racecar I absolutely love then I think there is not much else for me but the Porsche 961 with the classic Rothmans livery. That car just looks to have infinite power to me. Next to the Porsche is the GT40 in Gulf colors. The most recent F1 car that temporarily made it to my desktop is the F138.

    To answer the question and look only in 2016 I’m going for the Ford GT (GTE) but I also love the looks of the Magnus Racing Audi R8 (GT3)




    I love LMP cars but I have to say that the current generation of hybrid LMP1 cars don’t particularly float my boat. They’ve become a bit on the ugly side.

    That said, the Algarve Pro LMP2 car which Sir Chris Hoy will be driving this year in ELMS has a lovely shape to it, and the livery works really well. For my money the LMP2 cars tend to look nicer now than LMP1 cars. Though the Rebellions always look great in their shiny liveries.

    I’m also a big fan of the new Ford GT and really hope it proves successful. I also really like the new Gulf liveried 911 that’ll also be racing at Le Mans.

    Away from the track, the M Sport Fiesta WRC is a very handsome looking car


    Keith Collantine

    Always wanted to see this livery on a single-seater and here it is thanks to Jamie Caroline in MSA Formula:



    But what if we put it in a bigger single-seater?

    Matthew Brabham’s entry for the Indy 500. I know the DW12 isn’t a looker, but the colours are astonishing.



    Without a doubt the Ford GT and Aston Martin GTE, the diffusers on those cars are just insane…


    Keith Collantine

    @carlitox I reckon the definitive version of that is even nicer:



    That does look good! Although the orange number seems weird, it clashes with the red.

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