What motorsport would you choose?

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    If you had the chance be a motorsport driver/rider what kind of racing would you race, what championship and why?
    – Open-wheel racing (Formula 1, Indycars)
    – Rallying (WRC, IRC, Rally Dakar)
    – Motorbikes (Moto GP, Superbikes, American Superbikes)
    – Touring cars (WTCC, BTCC, DTM, V8 Supercars)
    – Oval racing (NASCAR)
    – Endurance Racing (WEC, ALMS)
    – Freestyling (Drifting, Freestyle Motocross, Motorcycle trials)
    – Other kinds of motorsport
    Please tell me if I have something forgotten or wrong.



    F1 all the way, the rest doesn’t matter!



    For me it’s rallying, because it’s very unpredictable, you don’t have to turn the same corners always and you collaborate with your co-driver.

    My list:
    1) Rallying: WRC
    2) Endurance racing: WEC
    3) Open wheel racing: Formula 1
    4) Motorbikes: Moto GP
    5) Touring cars: V8 Supercars
    6) Freestyling: Drifting
    7) Oval racing: NASCAR



    Motorcycle road racing, like the Isle of Man TT and Northwest 200, because modern race tracks are for wimps! :P



    The perfect way for me would be to start in F1 as a young and fast chap. Win a few championships (hopefully!), and then move on to endurance racing (WEC), probably start off in the GTE pro class, and then move up to LMP1 after a couple of years. Then retire at 40 odd years, and then do some for classic, or amateur rallies just for the fun and whatever hill climb events etc.
    The reason I wouldn’t want F1 for ages, is because the 20 race calender is just so tight that its hard to do something else. WEC has less events with more space in between so it will be easier to have a family besides it.


    Craig Woollard

    I’d love to start in F1 and then move onto IndyCars, or the other way round! It’s a great era for IndyCar at the moment with quite a few really strong drivers there!



    I doubt I would have the skill or strength to be an F1 driver but I wouldn’t mind being a touring car driver, I would prefer it to be S2000 or NGTC though.



    Late 80’s Group C at Le Mans and the WSC. They were some of the first race cars I ever learned about, and recently i’ve been reading up on them further. Those cars just blow my mind!


    Bradley Downton

    I’d love to be an F1 driver, but that’s obviously very unrealistic.
    As for the most realistic option, I’d love to be a BTCC driver, I am actually hoping that with the job I hopefully have in the future, I can put some money aside and maybe stick an entry in.
    @robk23 – Maybe I should call it F1Fanatic Racing and get everyone on here who follows the BTCC to be the pit crew/mechanics! ;) haha


    Oli Peacock

    As a karter, i would love to fufill ‘the dream’ of being an F1 driver, but with no money thats not gonna happen and my talents no enough to counter the lack of money. So I hope that i win the Ginetta Scolarship and drive in that championship, which will hopefuly open up the road to the BTCC, which with some local sponsorship shouldnt be far off! :)



    My first choice would probably be a historic saloon car championship, or the Circuit of Ireland rally.



    Believe it or not, but F1 is actually the only motorsport I watch regularly. :)



    I don’t know if I would want to live away from Australia my whole life, or get the sponsorship and money to get into F1 and deal with all the constant PR obligations.
    I would want to primarily race V8 Supercars, but also try my hand at a bit of touring car and sports car racing around the world and I would love a crack at NASCAR.
    I’d also do a bit of rallying, speedway and karting in my spare time.



    I’d love to be in IndyCar. The mix of disciplines is pretty unique in motorsport, the cars are raw but fast and there are some very strong drivers there. Alternatively, proper touring car racing would be fun, like the BTCC where you can gently nudge a rival and not be penalised.

    But really my aim is just to do club racing when time/finances allow (I’ll be a student for the next few years so both will be in short supply). Something like the Mini or Ford Fiesta cups and Knockhill look really good fun.



    The child in me says open wheels without a millisecond of hesitation. I dreamed of being and Indy Car driver since even my earliest memories. The more modern realist in me that knows I’m not terribly fast says endurance racing because it allows me to emphasize where I truly shine: consistency and tenacity. Plus, even though I never gave it much regard until the last couple years, I’ve found that sports car racing carries a certain old school nostalgia with it that helps keep it feeling fun and fresh.

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