What's happening to the race edit music?

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    As I’m sure you’re all aware, the race edit music has been on a downward trend since Canada last year (as has the BBC music too, for that matter). Now before we used to have lots of Indie and Alternative Rock like the Stereophonics (who were used quite a lot) – we even had the Kaiser Chiefs once! But now we just have some heavy thrash metal that has no tune and sounds like a grungy American teenager pummeling a cat with a guitar – but it’s not like I don’t like heavy music, stuff with a tune like Led Zep and free is some of my favourite music. And the BBC are just as bad, using Lewis’ girlfriend in every other highlights video they can or some truly awful pop song to accompany possibly the most manly sport in the world! *RANT OVER* What do you guys think?



    100% spot on m8. In my eyes (or ears?), it feels like they have 2 people and alternate every year. One being a good year, the other being crap etc etc.

    My 4 favourite came out of the 2008 season: Steve Mcqueen – 2008 Monza, Propane Nightmares – 2008 Belgium, Is It a Monster – 2008 Germany, Knights of Cydoneia – 2008 Brazil.

    Ever since, it hasn’t been very good.



    The BBC missed an opportunity to use ‘Do You Mind?’ by Robbie Williams for the Monaco Grand Prix. One of the lyrics is ‘anyone fancy Monaco?’ followed by the sound of the Formula 1 car.



    Yeah I’ve noticed british band You Me At Six is being used quite a lot. They also seem to use quite a lot of Nickelback and similar bands.

    LOL “most manly sport in the world”, since when did the music used in highlight videos have any bearing on how “manly” the sport is, as if the sport being “manly” mattered at all anyway.

    I think my favourite song that’s been used for the race edits was Ride by The Vines, used on the Turkey 2009 video.


    Nic Morley

    I actually havn’t seen any of the race edits this year but I know from some in the later half of 2010 some of the songs were quite shitty. I liked the Turkey 2008, Australia 2009, Abu Dhabi 2009, UK 2009, Spain 2010. There are some more but can’t think. I do cringe sometimes when they put some girly pop song on to relate to F1. :-/



    @f1alex – The Vines! Yeah! Great song, great band.

    I think the music doesn’t really matter for me, although they do choose some cheesey stuff sometimes which makes it sound like Eurovision.



    @robocat, I think the 2008 ones were pretty good, they seemed to uses The Hives quite a lot, which I thought fitted with F1 quite well.

    @Smifaye, They are an awesome band aren’t they? I always thought they should use Animal Machine for one of the race edits but so far no luck. :(


    Mark Hitchcock

    “What do you guys think?”

    That you need to realise not everyone has the same taste in music as you.



    I’m quite aware, this thread was for debate on the music used in the race edits – come back when you’ve actually got a valued argument to add.



    Totally disagree, having an Indie or Rock track nearly every time is just boring. I would like to see them choose something from a different genre for every race of the year maybe making some sort of nod to the country the race was in. British Indie and Rock music is not popular in all countries around the world and the F1 website is a global website. A more global selection would be more appropriate and maybe even open people’s eyes to more than one genre.

    On the whole the race edit music usually shows a massive lack of imagination.

    The track that worked best for me last year was “Pendulum – Watercolour”. It encapsulated the build up and then the explosion on track.



    Ready Steady Go by Oakenfold was used in the 2008 highlights by the BBC. That was fantastic. My favourite Racing montage soundtrack.

    I say keep it varied, like GQsm said.

    Maybe even a little bit of classical.



    This years best backround song has been this one:

    Also I liked Ferry Corsten – The Race.



    I must admit, although I don’t think i’d be very popular, that when they used Ellie Goulding for the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix I was quite impressed.

    Just for the fact I wasn’t expecting that choice of song, and it was done quite well.


    Stephen Jones

    “Watercolor” by Pendulum and “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding were my favorites..

    also loved “Everybody Knows” by Attack Attack..

    tbh, 2010 was my favorite year of race edits



    I liked the 2009 belgium gp edit, when they used buck rogers by feeder

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