What's happening to the race edit music?

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    Can anyone set out the 2010 and 2011 tracks used so that we can have a good debate – bit difficult to comment without knowing what they played !!



    I’ve just copied all these from the ‘FOM Music’ thread, and included 2008 and 2009 just for interest’s sake:

    2008 soundtrack:

    1. Australia: Aisha (Death in Vegas); When the Bomb Drops (Primal Scream)

    2. Malaysia: Oh My God (Ida Maria)

    3. Bahrain: Esfahan – Rahavandi (Sima Bina/Hossein Omoumi); Munich (Editors)

    4. Spain: Club Foot (Kasabian)

    5. Turkey: Tick Tick Boom (The Hives)

    6. Monaco: The Girls (Calvin Harris); Keep Loving Me (Draytones)

    7. Canada: Bank Holiday Monday (Stereophonics)

    8. France: Hate to Say I Told You So (The Hives)

    9. Britain: Can’t Go Back (Primal Scream)

    10. Germany: Monster (The Automatic)

    11. Hungary: Sun Rise Light Flies (Kasabian)

    12. Europe: She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)

    13. Belgium: Propane Nightmares (Pendulum)

    14. Italy: Steve McQueen (The Automatic)

    15. Singapore: You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)

    16. Japan: Never Miss a Beat (Kaiser Chiefs)

    17. China: This Is an Emergency (The Pigeon Detectives)

    18. Brazil: Knights of Cydonia (Muse); When I Grow Up (The Pussycat Dolls)

    Season Mini-Review: Rock Star [Nevins Classic Club Blaster] (N.E.R.D)

    2009 soundtrack:

    1. Australia: Hysteria (Muse)

    2. Malaysia: The Beginning of the Twist (The Futureheads); It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls)

    3. China: Living For The Weekend (Hard-Fi)

    5. Bahrain: Good Luck (Basement Jaxx/Lisa Kekaula)

    5. Spain: The Bartender and the Thief (Stereophonics)

    6. Monaco: A Sunday Kind Of Love (Etta James); Action (Def Leppard)

    7. Turkey: Ride (The Vines)

    8. Britain: Fire (Kasabian)

    9. Germany: Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Oasis)

    10. Hungary: Wake Me Up (Girls Aloud)

    11. Europe: Underdog (Kasabian)

    12. Belgium: Buck Rogers (Feeder)

    13. Italy: Pumping on Your Stereo (Supergrass)

    14. Singapore: Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top); Still of the Night (Whitesnake)

    15. Japan: Big in Japan (Guano Apes)

    16. Brazil: Firestarter (The Prodigy)

    17. Abu Dhabi: New Moon Rising (Wolfmother)

    2010 soundtrack:

    1. Bahrain: Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols

    2. Australia: Burn It to the Ground – Nickelback

    3. Malaysia: Live ‘n’ Love – Stereophonics

    4. China: Umbrella – Manic Street Preachers

    5. Spain: My Own Worst Enemy – Stereophonics

    6. Monaco: Hot N’ Fun – N.E.R.D and Nelly Furtado / Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy

    7. Turkey: Watercolour – Pendulum

    8. Canada: Champagne – Cavo

    9. Europe: Hard to Beat – Hard-Fi

    10. Britain: The Shock of the Lightning – Oasis

    11. Germany: Sound of Madness – Shinedown

    12. Hungary: We Don’t Celebrate Sundays – Hardcore Superstar

    13. Belgium: Witchcraft – Pendulum

    14. Italy: This Is War – 30 Seconds to Mars

    15. Singapore: Everybody Knows – Attack! Attack!

    16. Japan: Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) – The Wombats

    17. Korea: Rain on Your Parade – Duffy; Let You Go: Chase & Status/Mali

    18. Brazil: Trophy Eyes – You Me at Six

    19. Abu Dhabi: Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding

    2011 soundtrack:

    1. Australia: Rooster – Good To Be Here

    2. Malaysia: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Higher Ground

    3. China: Bullet For My Valentine – The Last Fight

    4. Turkey: You Me At Six – The Consequence

    5. Spain: We Are The Ocean – Lucky Ones



    Just a minor correction: the Turkey 2011 song is The Consequence by You Me At Six (wrong way round, see). Also, they used Ace of Spades by Motorhead in the 2010 mini-review along with Witchcraft and Sound of Madness.



    Yeah, for some stupid reason for all the 2011 ones I put the artist’s name first. lol And thanks for including the end of season review, I forgot about that one! :)



    Reviving this thread as the Canada race edit is up!

    And I have a dilemma.

    The second song is easy – it has searchable lyrics. The song is If You Don’t Like by Cinderella. But the first song is one of those classical-OST-derived songs. Can anyone figure out what it is?



    3 days later and I still don’t see an official Canada race edit up.



    They took it down hours after it was put up. Hasn’t been back since. Just like Malaysia, there may be an issue with the song/s used.



    some truly awful pop song to accompany possibly the most manly sport in the world!

    Eh? Really, I wouldn’t say driving an F1 car classes as manly. There are tons of sports that are more manly. Like….Bowls. Hearing the grunts when you get it closest to the yellow jack makes the testosterone that builds up go off the scale!!!



    I think it’s good they vary the songs a bit. Like GQsm says it would be so boring having Indie Rock songs again and again.



    I think Watercolour was best placed as it accurately reflected the build up and anti-climax of the race.



    Tom, the song for Italy 2011 was On Fire by New Device.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Don’t worry. We’re not truly in trouble until FOM start using this to cut the videos:

    And because I have it stuck in my head right now, you’re going to get it stuck in your head.

    Also, here’s another bad one they could use:


    Tom L.

    Journeyer – thanks very much! I realised that it was slightly off-topic for the BBC thread but I thought I’d be more likely to get a reply there than by resurrecting this thread!

    PM – just why?! :D


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Because you were dumb enough to follow the links after I said they were horrible.



    can anyone update this ?

    2011 soundtrack:

    1. Australia: Rooster – Good To Be Here

    2. Malaysia: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Higher Ground

    3. China: Bullet For My Valentine – The Last Fight

    4. Turkey: You Me At Six – The Consequence

    5. Spain: We Are The Ocean – Lucky Ones

    6- 13 ??????????????????????????

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