Who is your favourite James Bond?

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    @bob – I forgot the Lotus Esprit – that was a classic Bond scene. Didn’t Roger Moore lower the window to throw out a fish?



    Surprised there isn’t more love for Connery. Brosnan and Craig have been Bond while I’ve grown up but Connery is comfortably my favourite. I’ve read all the original Ian Fleming novels, seen all the films, (except Skyfall to date) and Connery is easily the best in my opinion. He defined the character, was tough and managed to stay suave and cool without descending into seeming like an old lecher (Roger Moore). My least favourite? As you may have guessed by my previous comment, Roger Moore easily. Some of his later films are just plain unwatchable.

    My two favourite Bond films are From Russia with Love and Goldfinger, not surprising as these are two of the best books and had strong source material to work from. Casino Royale is really good, I really like Craig as the new more humane Bond, and I think he is a pretty good actor from other things he’s been in. George Lazenby is a strange one as he is not a good actor, he is really just a model who had a pretty face. However I think On Her Majestys Secret Service is actually a pretty good film, and I quite enjoy it despite Lazenby in the lead role.



    @debaser91 – you are right, it is harder to watch the Roger Moore movies nowadays than it is to watch Connery’s movies. From Russia with Loce and Goldfinger are very solid choices.

    I haven’t read the novels but I just might now that you mentioned it.

    We talked about the actors, the women, the cars, the movies but there’s one thing we forgot to mention. The music! From the unforgettable Bond theme to each title song, Bond has some of the best songs. Of course, I prefer all the olds pre-Living Daylights.

    What many of you may not know that Louis Armstrong has made a Bond song and in my opinion it’s the best one of all – the song was composed by John Barry for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”:

    Let me know if you like it!



    Fer no.65

    I loved Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name. Very Soundgarden

    Thanks for that @raymondu999 !



    @Fer no.65 Nice link – Those were the best credits in a bond movie – I remember them vividly because they were using them to showcase TVs at a local electronics store – there is a lot of black and the plasmas were crushing the lcds in visual quality especially 3-4 years ago.
    @raymondu999 Thanks for sharing that video – that’s awesome. Here’s the same video in High-def



    Not sure who my fav bond is, each really defines the era in which their films was made in. Connery is great, no doubts there. His fight with Robert Shaw in From Russia with Love is brutal, and along with Goldfinger are 2 of my fav bond films. But then as much as a few of Roger Moores films are tosh, The Spy Who Loved me is excellent and thats before we mention the Lotus!
    Timothy Dalton was excellent in his 2 films, which are very underrated I think, perhaps they are starting to get the recognition they deserve. And Pierce Brosnan, I LOVE Goldeneye which is one of my top5 bond films too, in which he was just uber cool.

    I dont know, its hard to just come out and say whose my favourite Bond. Harder still when I sit down and think about it. Connery probably just edges it, perhaps with Brosnan, Dalton & Craig just behind and Moore a little bit behind them. Theres no love for Lazenby however.



    Definitely it has to be Sir Roger Moore… second would be Connery folowed by Brosnan, then would be Dalton, Lazenby and last Craig….



    Sean Connery ahead of Roger Moore, followed by George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and obviously my least favourite of them all Daniel Craig.
    He just doesn’t fit the picture and his acting in my opinion is somewhat dreadful, however this could also be down to the “new” Bond type.

    I really enjoy watching the older James Bond movies especially those from the 60’s and 70’s. It all started to go downhill for me in “Die Another Day”. I will be watching the current one this week and I sincerely hope it is an improvement.



    I think quite often it depends who was Bond when you grew up.

    Personally I think Brosnan was excellently cast, but was let down by some poor scripts (particularly Die Another Day), he even said as much when he left the role.

    Craig is excellent, also well-suited to the modern-day rigours of being a spy hero.

    Connery was good, but it is a totally different era of film. I do think that Connery and Craig both play Bond closest to Fleming’s original character. Even if his original character was pretty unlikeable!

    Moore was let down by some incredibly bad script-writing, [although nowhere near as bad as Die Another Day].

    Lazenzby generally seems to be the anorak’s choice, and he acquitted himself fairly well in his one outing given he was never an actor! Sorry Keith, but Moore is bottom for me!



    Bah, not a one of you know the REAL best Bond: David Niven.



    I have to start by saying that I’m not happy with the different direction Craig’s trilogy has taken from the other films. Bond’s character was well defined and when EON decided to change it follwing Bourne’s success the result was a different person. The last three films (although I honestly can’t remember Casino Royale very much and Quantum of Solace at all) were wonderful, but have little to do with the previous versions of Bond.
    Connery for me was the best actor in the role. He was determined when needed, had a sense of humour and was the perfect spy who took his job seriously but chased the better aspects of it, like women.
    Moore was also very good and I haven’t seen Lazenby yet. I saw one of Dalton’s films and was let down not only by its craziness, as the producers seeked more action but, in my opinion, caused a disaster – he looks like a crazy criminal in my eyes – but also by Dalton’s acting. I’ve just seen the gun barrel of his films and they are ridiculous.
    I can’t remember Brosnan but I think I remember feeling that his films took a direction too much orientated towards humour and secondary stuff rather than acting.
    Craig’s films have been the most full of action, suspense, surprises, and I think he has done a great job in trying to keep the character as close as possible to the original, despite many things changing: initially Bond had many gadgets and a simple gun, always remained cool in difficult situations; nowadays he uses whatever he happens to have under his reach and he acts more like a normal human being. I honestly prefer the latter way but if I wanted to see great action I wouldn’t [have] go[ne] to see Bond, but Bourne. Bond was famous for his personality, which is less and less present nowadays. The old Bond is dead now.
    It’s more normal to see 007 as a human, with positive and negative aspects, struggling at times, but Bond was never such. This new type is great, I repeat, but is not Bond. These new films are greater to watch but the main character is a normal spy – not unique, like before. I guess they had to change this as people no longer were attracted by the old Bond, but, as I said, if I wanted to see an action-only film I’d go to see Bourne.

    1. Connery
    2. Craig
    3. Moore
    4. Brosnan
    5. Lazenby
    6. Dalton



    I loved Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name. Very Soundgarden

    Yeah that song is great, and Soundgarden are amazing.



    Campy is a good word to describe Moore’s films. This crept back in during Brosnan’s later films. And campy is not how I enjoy Bond films. Too many bad puns and ridiculous gadgets/scenarios ruin a film for me, so I really enjoy the new direction (even if Quantum of Solace was awful) and think Craig fits the part well. Invisible cars and trips into space are a bit too silly for me in films which are generally played straight. The current films are actually somewhat believable, but different enough to the Bourne films (which to my mind have far more of a thriller vibe to set them apart) to maintain an identity. I didn’t mind how slightly outlandish the new villain was- in fact, I thought he was just the right combination of insane, funny and creepy to make a decent Bond villain, who is a bit cartoonish yet ultimately believable. However, I did like Brosnan, just not some of the films he was given. It’s hard to call a favourite though.



    @matt90 I always feel that Moores set of films was just jumping on whatever bandwagon was around at the time, Blaxploitation (Live & let Die), KungFu Movies (Man with the Golden Gun), Wrecking Car chases (any of Moores films). Dont get me wrong, some of his films are still very watchable, but of all the bond films I think they hold up the least in the age of ‘test of time’.

    As for the invisible car on Die another Day, good grief that was bad. When you run out of good ideas for a Bond gadget, the smart thing to do is leave it there. I swear I can hear Brosnan force himself to say that “oh.. very nice” line he has when shown the (errr) invisible car. Aston Martins are too good looking for being invisible, if your going to do it then it should have been done to the bloody BMW Z8!. [Rant over]

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