Why you should watch NASCAR.

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    Sorry for the typo, this post title is “Why you shouldn’t watch NASCAR”. The answer is because NASCAR is rubbish.



    NASCAR is rubbish.

    @ukfanatic Are you going to elaborate?



    @ShaneB457 No, i’m a righteous man, i dont turn left all of the sudden, i stand by my own, NASCAR is rubbish!

    By the way the next road course is Watkins Glen on august the 12th right? I watch that race every year.



    And F1 is boring. Are opinions fun or what?



    So what are you doing here?



    The same thing you are.



    I’ll elaborate a bit if you don’t mind. I don’t like NASCAR because it’s too artificial. I know that accusation is constantly thrown at F1 right now, but NASCAR is something else, with the rules changed to make the cars so even the races are impossibly close, and it’s ultimately a case of being in the right place at the right time to win. The Chase for the Cup, where the top few have their scores equalled late on, is another example of this.



    I agree, the chase is ridiculous and most of the time it is about being in the right place at the right time and oval racing is not the best. But NASCAR is the greatest spectator motorsport in the world. I love having 36 races in a year with hundreds of thousands of people turning up to each one. I love having three levels that have one long race every weekend. Everyone likes watching football because they can sit down on the weekend or on Friday or Saturday night and just watch the game for a couple of hours, this is what NASCAR is like, it’s such a great spectacle.



    If there was ever a reason to watch NASCAR it is just to make you appreciate every moment of F1 that little bit more.

    From what little I’ve watched of it it has just never really pulled me in or excited me in any way, shape or form.



    Are we really going to stoop so low as to bash something without giving reasons? I recommend growing up and realising that nothing in this world is as black and white as “it sucks” or “it’s good.” There are always different things that cater to different tastes, and naturally it falls down to personal preference.



    I followed it a few years ago, probably still would but I think there are too many races in a season and it’s hard to get on TV here. The cars look and sound great, and despite being completely saturated commercially it’s still more charismatic than Formula 1.


    This is the most pointless thread I’ve ever seen on this forum. I sincerely regret clicking on it.

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