Will 2012 finally be Great Britain’s Year in Sport?

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    Younger Hamii

    I know this is off-topic guys but a few days ago i was thinking about my Life & 2012 in general & what occurred in my Mind is Football,Formula 1,Tennis & other things Sport related.Here’s why i think 2012 could be a great year for British Sport.

    London 2012(Olympics) – A Promising variety of talent in Athletics coming really strong as well as a Promising Football squad(Beckham,Ramsey & others) in the hands of Stuart Pearce(Most likely & Coach for U21 England International Team).Could they live up to their promise by capturing Gold in their competitions.

    Football : Euro 2012 Championships;Again England have a Young but promising squad with the likes of Phil Jones,Joe Hart,Danny Welbeck & Jack Wilshere(thats if he’s going) lead by the Experienced John Terry,Wayne Rooney & Frankie Lampard.They have been tipped to doing well & going all the way so many times in the Past & have failed to do so,Will it all change in 2012?

    Tennis : World #4 & Britain’s #1 Tennis Player Andy Murray still hasnt won a Grand Slam in his entire career as of 2011.Made 3 Grand slam finals & several semis along the way but has failed to make that extra step of winning the big ones(Australian,French,US Opens,Wimbledon & ATP World Tour Finals).Growing increasingly stronger Physically & Mentally,going unbeaten in 18 matches towards the end of the year.He has to answer his critics ASAP!!!

    Formula 1 : Now the bit that most F1 Fanatics would care most about and that is Formula 1,Remember we’re looking at Lewis Hamilton,Jenson Button,Paul Di Resta & McLaren.

    So after this 2011 Season;Hamilton has had a frustrating,difficult season where he can take a lot onboard from & refering to that statement Lewis’ father Anthony has promised a ‘really strong Lewis Hamilton’.Did we see that in Korea? Abu Dhabi? Im certain 2012 will provide many answers to many questions regarding Lewis.

    On the other hand,Button has had argubly the best season of his F1 Career so far & 2nd best to Vettel;Consisting getting the car where its Capable of,Wise but Hamilton-esq Overtakes i must say,Conserving his Tyres when necessary all making him the first driver to beat Hamilton in his entire Racing career i believe.

    As for McLaren well started the year behind Red Bull once again after a Disastrous Pre-Season,Recovered dramatically in Australia(SEASON OPENER) but still played 2nd fiddle to Red Bull slightly but comfortably ahead of Ferrari in terms of raw pace(albeit Silverstone),Although challenged & harassed Red Bull(Or Vettel in particular) till the end on Most tracks,Beating Red Bull at tracks they were very superior at in 2010(Japan,Hungary & nearly Spain).

    We all know how McLaren can develop a car throughout a Season but whats stopping them at the moment is their little hiccups at the beginning of the year.With Technical regulations looking set to remain stable,Could McLaren expand on 2011 & jump ahead of Red Bull for 2012.

    Paul Di Resta;IMO the Best rookie of the season & has reguarly challenged his more experienced team-mate Adrian Sutil but has many things to learn from this season,Most certainly a future World Champion with the right equipment.

    So in Summary: Critics must be answered as quickly as possible & 2012 must prove something different for Team GB(Murray,Hamilton,Button,Di Resta,England IF)



    If I had to guess, I would say that “Team GB” won’t meet their target of fifth in the medals table at next year’s Olympics, England will crash out of Euro 2012 at the first knock-out stage and Andy Murray still won’t win a grand slam. The fates of the British drivers in F1 depends on how quick their cars are, and how quick other teams’ cars are, but at this point I’d back Vettel to win yet another title.

    So I’m not expecting it to be a hugely successful year.



    With the football team, I’m one of those people who poke fun at the player’s abilities to play as a team. I was at Wembley when England beat Spain, I was impressed that they beat them, however their defensive style was disappointing to see. Also England’s counter attacking was diabolical, and the team were very lucky that Spain didn’t put away their chances. I then watched the Sweden game on TV, and it was really more of the same. Capello won’t use the exact same squad from those two games for the Euros, but the first team can barely co-exist, so I’m still not confident.

    For Andy Murray, I don’t think he can beat Federer, Nadal or Djokovic when it really matters. He might beat one of them in the final of some random tournament which doesn’t matter. But at a Grand Slam final, I don’t believe he has the right mentality, so it then affects it physical ability.

    I imagine Button, Di Resta and Hamilton will all drive well next season. But it’s up to their team to give them good cars at the end of the day. There isn’t really much more to it.

    I can’t say much on the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics are way better in my opinion.



    In F1 it’s almost always Great Britain’s year, given that the majority of the teams are based in England. I find it strange that Mclaren has become like the British national F1 team. When did that start? Can someone explain it to me?

    Regarding other sports, the rich chavs will fail miserably in Poland and Ukraine (I can’t say I’ll be sad). Andy Murray will be, as always, the bridesmaid and never the bride.

    However, I do think that we’ll do well at our Olympics.




    I find it strange that Mclaren has become like the British national F1 team. When did that start? Can someone explain it to me?

    I think Williams lost some support when they dropped Hill, which coincided with McLaren’s rise and their fall. I cant really remember that far back, gotten used to seeing McLaren gear everywhere now.

    I’ve given up on England’s footballers, they’ve lost the tenacious attitude that used to make up for their lack of skill. Not really interested in any other sports, I’m sure we’ll grab the usual smattering of medals at the olympics (sailing/rowing/other obscure events).



    I think George is right, but adding to that, some of the McLaren = Britain stuff started when they paired Hamilton with Button. In the same off-season, Brawn became Mercedes, who then signed Schumacher and Rosberg, so they became “Germany”. That created a potential rivalry, but it hasn’t really developed as the two teams haven’t been matched for pace since then.

    Personally, I like McLaren because they have always seemed to have the best British and Finnish drivers (I have dual nationality; half of each) since I started following the sport: Häkkinen, Coulthard, Räikkönen, Hamilton, Kovalainen, and Button. Damon Hill is the only real exception.



    Yes, I hope so.

    I think “Team GB” have a good chance of finishing in the Top 3 next year. A lot of great athletes.

    Well, there’s always a lot of hype surrounding the team, provided they qualify but they fail to perform.

    I can’t really say much because I don’t follow the sport.

    I think McLaren will be strong, although I think Ferrari will be a bit stronger at the beginning of the season. If Hamilton sorts out his problems he will be at his best again and I don’t think Button will struggle either.



    Hami – was this post influenced by the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist announcement by any chance? It’s a fairly poor selection. Regardless of what happens next year in any sport, it shall go to an Olympic Gold Medallist. Stirling Moss could come out of retirement and single-handedly win HRT the WDC and the WCC with a blindfold on, and he wouldn’t have a hope in hell of winning the BBC SPOTY against an athlete in an Olympic year!

    I think that England at the Euro’s shall be same old, same old; convincing in qualifiers in a mediocre group and rank rotten in the tournament. Indeed, the general opposite of Germany. As people have pointed out elsewhere, England were very lucky against Spain. While that can be o.k. over an isolated 90 minutes, I can’t see it happening enough over a tournament.

    Team GB will do well, never under-estimate home advantage. While there is some apathy for the massive spending on the Olympics and that it is incredibly London-centric (well it is “their” Olympics I suppose…), the athletes are very excited. Although football, golf, tennis have no place in it.

    I think Murray needs to finally break his Slam Duck this season. He really needs to hit form at the right time and sustain it. Particularly against the other big 3, he’s beaten them all in isolation, he just needs to do it consistently at a Slam. I still don’t rate Djokovic particularly highly due to his suspect “cramp” setting in when he’s losing badly.

    F1 – could be a vintage year – here’s hoping!

    Golf – British golfers seem to be doing well, although I don’t follow so much now. Think the open is at St Andrews.

    And I also prefer the Winter Olympics.



    2011 was a great year for England… the Ashes in Oz, 3-1 win… doesn’t get better than that!



    Watching Andy Murray is painful. I was at Wimbledon (sitting in a commentary box) when he went out to Nadal. He is really a great player, but his mentality is awful. When things start to go wrong for him in a big game he only seems to get worse. I do think he could win one, because on his day he plays a great game, but it would have to go perfectly or he would have to improve mentally for it to actually happen.

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