Working on a new poster series, need some input.

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    Hi all :)

    As some of you may know I made a bunch of F1 posters* earlier this year, and the project was a decent enough success.

    Anyways, I’m now in the planning stages of a new project which is basically going to be 10 posters on 10 iconic (or most dominant) racing vehicles. I’ll be doing a few on F1 of course, but I want to create some based on other “racing royalty” as well which is where I may need a bit of help.

    I’m a big F1 fan of course, but outside of F1 I don’t know/follow a whole lot of motorsport. Here’s the list I’ve got so far, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

    1. [F1] 2011 Red Bull RB7
    2. [F1] 2002 Ferrari F2002
    3. [F1] 1988 McLaren MP4/4
    4. [LeMans] 1968 Ford GT40
    5. [LeMans] 2002 Audi R8
    6. [LeMans] 1982 Porsche 956
    7. ???
    8. ???
    9. ???
    10. ???

    I want to fit in 2 or 3 rally cars, but I’m not sure which ones to go for, be it the Impreza/Lancers from the 1990s, Loeb’s Xsara or C4, or even the Lancia Stratos. Also, I’m fairly certain I’m missing out on something amazing from DTM/BTCC/WTC etc.

    If you guys have any suggestions on what cars to focus on I’m all ears. Thanks in advance :)





    For BTCC I’d say either the iconic mid-’90s Audi A4 (silver, red Audi rings down the side) or the Renault Laguna (engineered by Williams).

    Failing that, the completely dominant Vauxhall Vectras/Astras from the early 2000s, although the series was past it’s height of popularity by that point, so maybe the liveries aren’t quite so well remembered.

    As for Rally cars, there’s the famous 555 Suburu and the red/white (originally Marlboro) Mitsubishi Evos from the mid-’90s, but then you’d miss out on the completely barmey Group B cars from the 1980s like the Ford RS200 or the Audi Quattro.



    I dont follow much motorsport besides Formula 1 but I would suggest an Audi Quattro A2 rally car.



    How’s this look for a general breakdown?:

    3 F1 cars

    3 LeMans cars

    3 Rally cars

    1 “Something else”

    Looking at the general colour schemes of the liveries (when I draw these I plan on doing them with zero branding) the Lancia Stratos could look awesome with its green/white/red.

    I always liked the white/yellow Opel/Vauxhall machines too.



    For rallying: A Lancia Stratos. Beautiful car! And a real group B rallying icon. Also the famous, original Audi Quattro. And the Peugeot 205 T16. I don’t know if it were successful or not but it did look good!


    Dan Thorn

    For F1 I’d maybe try and span a greater era. Keep the F2002 and the MP4/4, but maybe replace the RB7 with something like the Lotus 49.

    The three Le Mans picks are great, but it’d be good to fit a 1920’s ‘Blower Bentley’ somehow as well.

    For rallying I’d definitely pick the Stratos. Also the 555 Subaru Impreza is one of the most iconic liveries ever so it’d be a crime to miss that out.

    Touring Car wise the blue and yellow BTCC Renault Laguna would be great, but I’d also suggest the Alfa Romeo 155 – it raced in the BTCC and DTM with a similar livery and both to great success, so it kinda covers two series with one car/colour scheme.

    My picks would be:

    1) Ferrari F2002

    2) McLaren MP4/4

    3) Lotus 49 (Or another iconic pre-1970 F1 car)

    4) Audi R8

    5) Porsche 956

    6) Ford GT40

    7) Bentley 4 and a half litre

    8) Lancia Stratos

    9) Subaru Impreza

    10) Alfa Romeo 155 BTCC/DTM

    I realise that’s 4 Le Mans cars and only 2 rally cars, but the Le Mans 24 hours has a much longer history than the World Rally Championship (which only really came into being in the 70’s).

    I’d also suggest somehow fitting a pre-war Grand Prix car in – A Bugatti Type 35, Auto Union or an Alfa Romeo P3. Possibly replace one of the Le Mans cars for one (I’d be inclined to lose the Porsche, but it’s a tough choice!)



    Great advice everybody, keep ’em coming! :)

    Stratos is in, incredible livery will make for an insane poster.

    Impreza should be in, but I feel that I have to add the Lancer too for some reason if I do that.

    I may ditch the RB7, as the F2002 is contemporary enough to satisfy the F1 crowd :)

    How about this?

    1: Ferrari F2002

    2: McLaren MP4/4

    3: Lotus 49

    4: Audi R8

    5: Porsche 956

    6: Ford GT40

    7: Lancia Stratos

    8: Subaru Impreza

    9: Ford RS200

    10: Alfa Romeo 155

    In terms of colour that’s:

    1: Red/White

    2: White/Red/Black

    3: Green/Yellow

    4: Silver/Red

    5: Blue/White/Gold

    6: Sky Blue/Orange

    7: Green/White/Red

    8: Blue/Yellow

    9: White/Navy

    10: Red/White


    Dan Thorn

    Nice! The Ford RS200 wasn’t particularly successful though. By all means include it as it is pretty iconic (and I don’t know how strict the ‘dominant’ requiremnt is) but the Audi Quattro would probably be a better ‘Group B’ bet!

    Really looking forward to seeing these!



    I’m still thinking of the title for the series: Victory vehicles or Racing Royalty

    Either way, I’m going for iconic cars that did reasonably well.

    The Quattro may go in instead of the RS200, 4WD was a breakthrough, plus it’s White/Yellow :)



    I suggest the Lancia Stratos or WRC. Although the Lancia Delta has won more, the Stratos is more iconic and a specifically-built racing car, unbeatable in its days.



    1: Ferrari F2002

    2: McLaren MP4/4

    3: Lotus 49

    4: Audi R8

    5: Porsche 956

    6: Ford GT40

    7: Lancia Stratos

    8: Subaru Impreza

    9: Audi Quattro

    10: Alfa Romeo 155

    Getting there!



    I would love to see a poster of all the Lancia Rally Cars all on one.



    Or the BMW M cars, that would be great!! Preferably in their racing livery which I think is White/Red/Blue/Navy?


    Nic Morley




    Bugatti – Type 35

    One of the MOST successful racing cars of all time.

    Totally dominated the Grand Prix scene in the 1920s

    The Bugatti Type 35 is the definition of racing royalty.

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