What’s your ideal car like?

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    I have an English work to do where I have to create a brand new product from scratch, and of course the first thing I thought of was creating a car that everyone would like. My mate agreed and because we need it to be really ideal to everyone (or most of the people), I would like to ask you what is your ideal car like? I don’t want the model of the car, just describe what you would like to have in your car, both inside and outside.



    I would like sleek, aerodynamic bodywork, but it would not be too large, maybe the same length as a BMW M3 but much lower, and with gull wings. t would have a V10, which would have a good acceleration, with a supercharger. It would sound high pitched, sort of like a Lamborghini Gallardo and it would have paddle shift. On the inside it would be grey leather with red stitching, and the car would have the engine right behind the seats to really hear the sound.

    Hope this is what you wanted :-)



    thanks! I need more opinions, though!



    No paddle shift. Gearstick all the way! Proper driving. I like something that you can use everyday, but still packs one hell of a punch when needed. RWD. Dont care if its front or rear engine really. Rear would be better but that sacrifices some practicality with boot space. 4 seats is better than 2 as you want to be able to share tie ride with friends, but still want performance from it (and none of these rear seats with no legroom either). Nothing too heavy either. Sound-wise, something deep and throaty. Something that will send shivers down someones spine when youre properly gunning it (but quite quiet lower down so you dont scare the neighbours if you have to leave home at 2am!). Nothing footballery either. I dont want to see Rooney blasting past in the same car as I would have to run his and my car off the road for that ;)



    My ideal car is little bit less exciting. What I want is something that’s convenient to use in the city and yet has plenty of performance for twisty roads. It would have something like a 1.4-1.8 turbocharged or twin-charged engine. It would have a proper manual gearbox (no paddles!), sports suspension and good brakes so I could really enjoy the sensation of driving. In terms of the styling, it needs a good balance of curves and straight lines with an aggressive front end design, a simple but slightly oversized rear wing, twin exhausts and some 18″ alloys. On the inside I like a decent boot, four seats, comfortable sports seats and pedals, leather steering wheel with controls, climate control and music/phone system.

    Hope this helps!


    Take a Nissan GTR.

    Add KERS, DRS and a microwave.

    …yeah, that’ll do for me.



    Great! Keep it coming!


    rob lomas

    Safety tub: Audi R18: just ask McNish
    Engine: twin holeshot racing twin turbo 2.6L v8’s producing 2000BHP
    Suspension and Brakes: from a formula 3 car
    Interior: standard tt with AIM Motorsport formula A steering wheel and highly padded seat
    Exterior : doors from Audi R18, ground effect and rear bodywork from Toyota TSO10, front bodywork from Porsche 917 with front aero from AMB Nemo and world racing scion tc, center bodywork from Audi TT with aero and exhaust outlets from Audi a4 DTM
    Gearbox: sequential manual



    How on earth do you blend the bodywork of a TT, R18, 917 and TS010?



    My ideal car would combine practicality and drivability. It would be a sedan, similar to the BMW 5-series or 6-series Gran Coupe in size and aesthetics, with good legroom in the back and a decent-sized boot. For the drivetrain, take the 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 from a McLaren MP4-12C, tune it for more torque, and add a DSG gearbox for day-to-day convenience. Fit two-way adjustable suspension – Comfort mode for daily use, Sport mode for when you feel like a madman – the electronics suite out of a Nissan GTR, and some nice interior furnishings/gadgets.



    The ideal car for most people… hmm.. if I were to build a car for my self to do everything. Then I would take something like a BMW straight six 3 litre turbocharged diesel, drop it into something like a VW Golf estate, but with a sportier and sleeker look.
    Space for 5 adults and a decently sized boot. Actually, if the engine would run on bio fuel it would be pretty fantastic. Of cause its not really practical right now, but you know..
    It needs RWD a 6 speed manual gearbox, but of cause an optional automatic with 8 gears.
    It needs to have hydraulic power steering to keep it communicative. Suspension should be adjustable with modes for comfort, sport and sport + / race (which should be a proper sports mode which makes the car properly stiff for a smooth canyon road) Of cause a limited slip diff at the rear to keep the rear controllable and fun.
    Then it should have at least an option for a block heater controlled by your smartphone so you can make sure the car it nice and warm exactly when you need it to be in winter.
    An interior in leather and alcantara.
    Also the dials would HAVE to be analogue.
    Basically very much like the gauge cluster of the BMW E36 M3. But preferably less plastic. Maybe with a brushed, dark aluminium gauge face could be pretty cool.
    Relatively low weight. 1400kg or so would be perfect. But it also needs to be safe and very much soundproofed. All that wind and tyre noise should be kept to a minimum.
    The interior should also be of very high quality with no plastic bits rubbing and so on. I passionately hate interior bits that squeak when you use it, or drive over bumps.
    All those big control centre screens should go. It needs one for Sat-Nav, but most controls should be kept with buttons on the centre console. That is much more usable on the road when you can’t really look down.
    Also, big buttons with good feel. Again, to minimize the need to actually look at them.
    The wheels should be 17-18 inch BBS wheels. But still with a reasonably large tyre sidewall to keep the car comfortable.
    Oh and the front headlights NEED to look like BMW’s angel eyes. Not all those Christmas LED lights. That just looks cheap.
    But most importantly it needs to have NO audible warnings unless it is something urgent the driver needs to take action upon. Seatbelt alert and so on should simply be a small light underneath the gauges. All those bells and beeps stresses you out and makes it feel like you are sitting in a factory. A car should be a butler and only really disturb you when you are about to do something properly dangerous.
    So the parking alert is okay to be audible, but not a stressful beep like you usually see. Just a gentle noise that tells you how close you are. When you are trying to wedge a car into parking space that is just about large enough when you are late for work and you are holding up traffic Then the last thing you need is a parking computer that screams at you just because you are within half a meter of wheelie bin.
    I think that is about it really.



    First thing is to look at what’s wrong with a lot of cars, especially those made in the last ten years:

    Too big
    Too heavy
    Too much electronic interference
    Too much grip
    Too much stiffness in the suspension

    Most of these things are consequences; manufacturers stuff cars full of electrickery, which makes them heavy, which makes them need firm suspension and lots of grip.

    For my purposes, a sports car should weigh no more than 1200kg at the absolute limit. Ideally less than a tonne. It should have mechanical simplicity when it comes to the driving experience; no adaptive cruise control, no multiple gearbox settings, no electronic interference stopping you having a good time. All controls should be mechanical, with no drive-by wire interfaces putting barriers between the driver and the road. A lightweight car is naturally easy to handle, so electronic aids are unnecessary – no traction control, no ESP, no ABS, and so on. In order to give a good feeling of control, the chassis should be pliant. The body itself should have a rigid frame built into the monocoque, yet sit on supple suspension with a good amount of travel. Polyurethane bushings, while increasing a little NVH, will ensure the control is precise and predictable. To add a little more pliancy, chunky sidewall tyres (compared to modern vehicles which have horrific rubber bands stretched over their wheels) should be used, though with a naturally stiff construction to minimise sidewall flex without compromising ride.

    For a road car, the best layout by far is the front/mid engine position (engine in the front, yet sitting behind the front wheels) driving the rear wheels. Unsprung and partially unsprung weight should be kept to the minimum, so titanium wishbones, cnc machined billet hubs, lightweight billet wheels, and ceramic brakes will help keep things steady, albeit at the expense of increasing the cost of the car. Centre of gravity should be kept low, with no weighty overhangs fore or aft of the wheels – a wheel at each corner, and nothing of any appreciable weight higher than the top of the tyres. Steering should be mildly power assisted, keeping as much feel as possible, with a quick rack. No more than two turns lock to lock. Fairly rigidly mounted steering rack to preserve feel. Good steering lock for parking and countersteering. Brakes should have a lot of stopping power but not be over-assisted; you should have to put a fair bit of force through the pedal to get the maximum braking force.

    Cockpit should be sparse but trimmed to a high quality using lightweight composite materials. No computer displays, and as few dials and switches as possible. Tacho, trip counter, speedo, fuel gauge, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure. All high quality analogue gauges. All switchgear should be reachable while wearing a secure five point harness. Shell style fixed back bucket seats in Kevlar. No rear seats. Manual gearbox, very short throw shifter with open gate in brushed titanium. Flat shifting enabled. No visible carbon fibre in the interior – it’s tacky. Driver should be sat around midway between the front and rear wheels, so the sensation when cornering is of the car turning around them.

    Engine should have a good level of low down torque, but building in a linear fashion through the rev range. Emphasis on response rather than outright power. Probably no more than 250bhp would be necessary. Despite the mechanical simplicity of the chassis, the engine should be modern and high-tech. It should be fuel efficient, most likely a small capacity turbocharged engine, with all the associated gubbins to manipulate the engine power based on how you’re driving it. No ERS though, it’s just unnecessary weight. Should be capable of 50mpg driven sensibly. Engine should be able to rev out to 8k if the mood takes you. Four short gears for accelerating, a medium length fifth, and a very tall sixth for motorway cruising.

    Nothing too crazy on the body style. Classic coupe shape, something along the lines of the E Type Jaguar, just simple curves, with rounded haunches and a pulled in waist.



    The ideal car for me would be something that can do a little bit of everything. It’s economic on gas, but yet still has kick when you need to punch the gas. A great handling system for all weather conditions. Soft steering, but bites the road. Is very comfortable to sit in for a road trip or any drive whether short or long. 4 door (sedan) that has a simple but aggressive/elegant design. Has to be 6 speed manual transmission with option of paddles. Spacious interior and good trunk space. Ideally for 5 adults. Good acceleration and low end torque. I personally like a soft clutch as well.

    If this is too vague let me know I will try to be more descriptive.

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