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2013 WRC Rally Monte Carlo

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    Here’s a bigger picture of Kosciuszko’s livery.

    Gonna be following this bloke’s career this year.


    Prisoner Monkeys


    Going back to if Red Bull Media House have done the deal or not, There logo appeared at the end of the official WRC preview program that was broadcast last night & everyone related to the WRC are acting as there the promoter so regardless of if anything has been signed it seems they are the official promoters of the series now.

    While there is still no TV deal in the UK, HBS are producing an event preview show, Daily highlights & an event review for every round. These are been broadcast elsewhere around the world & if you know where to look will likely be able to find them online for download.

    Just hope a UK TV deal is sorted out soon!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Footage from the shakedown:



    Today was the Shakedown of the first rally of the year, and it produced quite a surprise. Young Belgian Thierry Neuville in the Qatar Ford World Rally Team Fiesta set the pace with a time of 2m 26.1s (although this number has varied from different sources, this is the correct time. seems to have messed it up as well), ahead of second place Sebastien Loeb by 2.6 seconds. Then it was another Ford of Evgeny Novikov, a tenth of a second off of Loeb, followed by Hirvonen and Latvala.

    The Top Ten fastest times of today:

    1. Neuville. Ford Fiesta RS WRC. 2:28.1
    2. Loeb. Citroen DS3 WRC. 2:28.7
    3. Novikov. Ford Fiesta RS WRC. 2:28.8
    4. Hirvonen. Citroen DS3 WRC. 2:29.4
    5. Latvala. Volkswagen Polo WRC. 2:30.4
    6. Ogier. Volkswagen Polo WRC. 2:30.5
    7. Sordo. Citroen DS3 WRC. 2:31.8
    8. Ostberg. Ford Fiesta RS WRC. 2:32.9
    9. Kostka. Skoda Fabia S2000. 2:37.4
    10. Wiegand. Skoda Fabia S2000. 2:37.5

    However, these times shouldn’t be taken as a perfect representation of pace, seeing as the stage was run on a short, open field style course. Think of it as the Barum Czech rally in the snow, quite different from the narrow roads in the mountains that they will face tomorrow.

    Here is a short review of the days action:


    Fer no.65

    Great god that little Polo is loud !


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @fer-no65 – Just imagine what they’re like in real life. I’ve been up close and personal with WRC cars before, and they sound like they’re threatening to rip the air apart.


    Fer no.65

    @prisoner-monkeys the Focus and the C4 weren’t as loud, were they? I saw them in 2007 and I don’t remember them as “high-pitched” as these little ones…

    Specially the S2000 ones, they are like little hurracaines !



    Nice way to stay updated:


    Prisoner Monkeys

    And the Polo R WRC wins its very first stage in the hands of Sebastien Ogier.


    Bradley Downton

    Loeb’s taken the lead on stage two then. Heads Ogier by 6.7 seconds whereas Sordo is 32.9 seconds futher back in third.



    Decent start from VW with Ogier! Shame there’s such disparity in the times so far but it sounds like a nightmare out there for the tyres.



    Day 2: Loeb has extended his already massive lead over Ogier to over a minute and a half. Behind them, Sordo and Novikov bumped Hirvonen down to fifth place.

    1. Loeb
    2. Ogier +1:35.0
    3. Sordo +2:38.0
    4. Novikov +2:53.2
    5. Hirvonen +3:22.7



    I feel sorry for the rest of the field. They’re being shown so clearly, that even though one of them will be called “2013 WRC Champion”, they still cannot hold a candle to this Frenchman. Loeb is incredible.



    Ogier already said that he will not try to make up time to Loeb, as he is thinking about the championship. So, this basically is Loeb’s to lose – if he can keep it on the road, I see no problems for Loeb winning his seventh Monte Carlo rally.

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