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Here come a new challenger! – Hyundai reveals the i20 WRC

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    At this week’s Paris Motor Show, Hyundai annouced that they will be returning to the World Rally Championship for the first time in ten years when the 2013 season starts, unveiling the i20 WRC:

    They are expecting to take part in a limited campaign in 2013, and move up to a full assault in 2014.

    Meanwhile, Peugeot and Ford have also been busy, announcing the 205 and Fiesta R5s, which will replace the ageing Super 2000 and Group N categories in the near future:



    Looks fantatstic! Hopefully it will make the sport more interesting and hopefully take the fight to RB ifthey stay in the sport



    I’m uncertain about the future of the Citroen WRC programme right now so a Hyundai team is great to see! I have to say the i20 is a bit of a looker.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Citroen have said that their future is secure for now, and that they are considering entering the WTCC in 2014. Even if they leave rallying, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – they are said to be paying their drivers more than what Ford is spending on their entire WRC programme. And Toyota are believed to be evaluating a return to rallying in 2014 as well.



    A rare bit of good news for this season and it’s a great sign that manufacturers are still willing to give to a sport that has really suffered in so many ways this year. The car looks like a simple, unassuming beast but very nice. I wonder who will be driving it?



    Hyundai have completed a gravel test in the South of France and for the first time they have released photos from the i20 in action:

    PHOTO 1 | PHOTO 2 | PHOTO 3

    Not particularly interesting, but at least it shows they are serious about entering WRC in 2014. And as we now know with VW, a new team doesn’t immediately say it’s going to be trailing the pack.


    Fer no.65

    I love that thing. Those new Hyundais are so nice !

    Impressive how much the company has advanced since the days of the Accident WRC back in 2003.

    Hopefully we can get one or two manufacturers to join VW and Hyundai and make WRC healthy again.


    Keith Collantine

    Video of the car in testing:



    They have also confirmed Thierry Neuville as one of their drivers, which is great news!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The i20 has been officially launched, with the team to be known as the Hyundai Shell World Rally Team, with the car carrying a neat livery:

    Thierry Neuville will lead the team, contesting all events, with Dani Sordo, Juho Hanninen and Chris Atkinson sharing the car. It is expected that they are the only drivers who will compete with it, but so far, Hyundai have only confirmed that Sordo will do the Monte, Hanninen will do Finland, and Atkinson will do Australia.



    Hyundai had a WRC Accent/Accident? Unbelievable!

    I have a 2009 Accent… it’s a car. Whatever gas savings it was intended for has been rendered irrelevant by my right foot and a just-barely-over-100hp engine that needs “encouragement” to get it up to speed.

    What I’m hoping for is Hyundai to start making some enthusiast models (like Ford does with their ST models). I’d love to see a Hyundai Accent/i20 WRX STi (or whatever combination of letters/numbers suits their fancy, I think they selected ‘N’ or something for their “performance” trim).



    Their interim livery is just like Porsche’s fpr WEC.




    The Hyundai WRC car looks great!

    Maybe the “N” logo, meaning Nangyam Research & Development, will be used to advertise a new line of performance Hyundais like BMW M.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @steevkay, @calum – Yes, that’s what the “N” logo is – Hyundai’s performance division.

    @david-a – Car manufacturers regularly do that for new models. It’s designed to hide the lines of the car by interfering with the natural path the eye follows.


    R.J. O’Connell

    Citroen’s really gonna regret canning Neuville and Sordo twice.

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