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No more Rally Acropolis!

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    It says it all:

    “The Acropolis is an iconic event. It was always a good, challenging rally that the drivers were all looking forward to all season.

    “And when you see the situation in Greece, everybody takes everything from Greece; on a human level, I don’t know how the country will survive if these people keep having everything taken from them.

    “They are very proud people and if you take everything – including their pride – away from them then I don’t know how they can catch up.”

    So what do you folks think? (keep in mind that this almost is like loosing Spa in F1 – which did happen at least twice in recent years)



    Very sad news. Saddest loss from the WRC calendar since they cancelled the Safari Rally.



    Oh, no!

    Let’s hope WRC can be back here!



    Didn’t they not run it a few years ago? 2009 or 2010?



    Sad to see it go, it was iconic indeed.

    But these quotes about ´everybody takes everything from Greece´; if it’s about the financial position the country is in, I find it utter nonsense. Greece has debts to pay, and at some point people come to collect. Now it souds like they all are the victims of a big conspiracy against Greece.



    That’s a shame, the Acropolis is one of the real icons of world motorsport. I always loved watching it, the punishment the cars and drivers suffered was unreal.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If ever there was an example of misplaced nostalgia, this was it. The Acropolis might have been an iconic rally, but it has been a shadow of its former self for years now. The route has been horrible for nearly a decade, and the event itself hasn’t been particularly well-run. It’s basically been trading on its name for a while now. I’m disappointed that an historic rally has to go, but given the state of the Acropolis, I’m not sorry about it.



    Acropolis out, Poland in.

    I, for one, rejoiced at the news.



    Prisoner Monkeys

    Good news for the Acropolis, with the event finding a new home in the European Rally Championship, where its sprint format is probably much better-suited.



    Very happy with that.

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