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Nokia pulls WRC backing

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    Keith Collantine

    One day I’d like to come on here and write something positive about the World Rally Championship, but…

    Nokia has pulled the major sponsorship and media partnership deal it signed with the WRC less than a year ago. Details here:

    Presumably this page will disappear from the WRC homepage fairly soon:

    Nokia is committed to connecting people to what matters to them by combining advanced mobile technology with personalised services. Nokia’s NAVTEQ is a leader in comprehensive digital mapping and navigation services Nokia’s technology and world renowned brand will be incorporated throughout the World Rally Championship.

    Nokia will bring a new experience to WRC attendees and visitors to by providing exclusive apps, real-time mapping, real-time conversations, as well as location and check-in services. Nokia is an Official Mobile Technology Provider of the FIA World Rally Championship.



    I think this could be explained by the financial hardships Nokia itself is facing at the moment:



    I would hazard a guess that @girts is correct on this one. It’s such a shame, Nokia are a great company but just a little late to the smartphone party.

    Bad news for the WRC too of course, but I guess now is the best time for it to happen while it’s going through many other huge changes as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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