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    Keith Collantine

    The WRC springs back into life today with one of the calendar’s great events: the Rally of Finland.

    Loeb was fastest in qualifying and has selected to start the rally tenth in the queue.

    Will it be win number six for him this year? Or could team mate Mikko Hirvonen claim his first victory for Citroen on home ground?



    The greatest rally is on!
    Standings SS1
    S. LOEB
    P. SOLBERG +1.6
    T. NEUVILLE +2.1
    J. LATVALA +2.2
    M. ØSTBERG +2.3
    M. HIRVONEN +2.4
    C. ATKINSON +4.6
    O. TÄNAK +5.1
    E. NOVIKOV +6.1
    J. KETOMAA +13.2


    Participant Report of day 1 here. I’m just glad that Latvala hasn’t binned it yet, he makes me so nervous! I’m hoping the break has given him chance to clear his head and try and make the end of the season his own.



    what channel is it on in the uk?
    and how does one qualify in the WRC???


    Prisoner Monkeys


    how does one qualify in the WRC???

    Qualifying is a new format that has been introduced this year to deal with the problem of road position. In the past, drivers have deliberately stopped on stages and conceded positions to other drivers in order to get a better starting position the next day. That might sound silly, but being one of the first on the road has long been considered a disadvantage, because the drivers were “road sweeping”, pushing the loose top layer of the road away, so that the harder and faster road base was exposed for subsequent cars. So the drivers would stop and concede positions so that when the rally started again the next day, they could drive in better conditions.

    The FIA have tried several methods to deal with the problem, but none have really worked until the introduction of qualifying. At the start of the rally, there is a shakedown stage that gives the drivers the chance to test their cars out on a short stage. These were timed, but nobody ever did anything with the times until now. Under the qualifying system, the top ten drivers have the right to choose their starting position for the first day. If you qualify fastest, you get the first pick of starting position. Second-fastest gets second choice, and so on and so forth, all the way down to tenth, who has to take whatever is left over.


    Keith Collantine

    @sato113 There’s half-hour highlights programmes on @motorstv tonight and tomorrow I believe.



    Yeah, that’s right Keith. I set my TiVo to record it on Motors TV for this evening, I think it’s on around 9ish @sato113 ?

    Things are still close at the moment, no one is running away with anything. The top 5 are covered by 30s and Ostberg is in there, which is always good.





    Keith Collantine

    Stage 11 goes to Solberg, Hirvonen takes another seven-tenths off Loeb, that’ll bring the gap between the Citroen team mates down to three seconds:

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