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Honda Civic: S2000 vs NGTC

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    JAS Motorsport tested their new S2000 Honda Civic in Italy for the first time this week. Pictures from the test give us the first real chance to compare what effect the S2000 and NGTC regulations have on the appearance of a car.

    Touring Car Times have uploaded a few images of the new car during testing (sorry about linking to another site!).

    Compared to the Team Dynamics prepared NGTC car, the differences are very obvious. The S2000 car is obviously narrower, has smaller rims and a smaller rear wing. I’m not to sure of the shape of the rear bumper and the bodywork around the rear wheel arches, somehow it doesn’t look like it fits the car. I’m sure I’m not the only one here who also thinks the 17″ rims look too small on the car.

    The NGTC car looks more aggressive overall and my personal opinion is it’s the better looking car. Not everyone is a fan of the fibreglass and ‘plastic fantastic’ oversized bodywork on the NGTC car but it looks faster and more aggresive. The NGTC regulations have generally produced very impressive looking cars (with the exception of the Vauxhall Insignia).



    The wheels do look too small. Though I prefer touring cars to look as close to their road going counterparts as possible, I’ll cede the NGTC Civic looks better, if only because the road going Civic is one of the worst looking cars I’ve seen in years.

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