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Race of China

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    First I would like to thank @keithcollantine for creating all these new groups. It’s nice that we who are also interested in other kinds of motor sport now don’t have to search for other forums (which are often quite uninspiring anyway) but can exchange our opinions here.

    So this weekend we have the penultimate round of the 2011 WTCC season, the Race of China. It’s being held at the Tianma Circuit, which has so far been an unknown territory for the international motorsport world.

    Why should you watch it? Well, there is no F1 race this weekend and, believe it or not, the 20-minute WTCC races can sometimes be fun. The motorsport purists might probably object to the compensation weight rules and the reverse grids (in the 2nd of 2 races at each round). In my opinion, they are not as bad as DRS.

    The main favourites are the three factory Chevrolets. They have won 17 of 20 races this season. Nobody can really match them for speed but it’s always fun when somebody manages to somehow keep them all behind in race 2. Only Yvan Muller and Rob Huff still have realistic chances to win the title, Alain Menu’s chances are rather mathematical.

    The British Eurosport is going to show qualifying (Saturday, 7:15 AM) and both races (Sunday, 6:45 AM and 7:45 AM) LIVE.

    Are you planning to watch it? Do you have any favourite WTCC drivers?


    Keith Collantine

    Afraid as has often been the case this year I missed this WTCC round.

    With the Chevrolet dominance there just hasn’t been a reason to tune in. I was quite interested in seeing the new circuit as well, but never got around to it.

    Looks like Tom Coronel was not very impressed with the Tianma circuit!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, what was he expecting? It was a last-minute addition to the calendar.



    Looks like Major Tom was right, there were only a few overtaking manouevres during both races. That said, I wouldn’t call the whole event boring. I like to watch good defensive driving and you could see a lot of it last weekend, particularly when Tarquini was keeping a bunch of cars behind him in the 2nd race.

    Another reason why I like WTCC is the big variety of drivers. Pepe Oriola is just 17 years old, while Franz Engstler is already 50. You can find everything there – young talents, experienced and skilful touring car drivers, pay drivers, ex-F1 drivers etc.

    Colin Turkington had a very good weekend and Yvan Muller now goes to Macau as the favourite after strengthening his championship lead. Here is a short recap of the weekend:

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