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Video: Muller spins and wins in Monza race two

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    Keith Collantine

    You have to hand it to Yvan Muller – he may have the best car underneath him but he certainly makes best use of it.

    He won again in race two, this time from ninth on the grid. He was well on the way to victory after passing both his team mates in the first lap.

    But he took a knock from team mate Rob Huff at the start of lap two and flew off onto the run-off area backwards at high speed. “I thought I was going to end up in the grandstand,” he said afterwards.

    Bouncing backwards across the grass, Muller executed a brilliant spin-turn to get facing the right way and carry on in fifth place.

    From there on he hunted down and passed the slower cars ahead and withstood pressure from Alain Menu to claim his second win of the day. Top-drawer stuff from the world champion.

    Muller’s quest for victory seems to have been aided by Norbert Michelisz obliterating a pigeon at the Variante della Roggia on lap seven. Michelisz dropped back soon afterwards, perhaps owing to cooling problems caused by pigeon mince in his radiator…

    Highlights below, you can see Muller’s spin and recovery at 2:20 and the unlucky Milanese pigeon at 9:59:



    Reminds me of the pigeon that got exploded at the final round of the BTCC at Brands Hatch last year. He seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that he was on a race track, even as the cars streamed past. One car came along off the racing line, and the pigeon was no more.



    Condolences to the pigeons nearest and dearest.



    That pigeon was probably wondering why his ticket was cheap. It’s a shame for Norbert Michelisz really as the pigeon punctured his radiator, what a great bit of driving by Yvan Muller though!




    @sato113 there’s another thread for Race 1 here


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