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WTCC Calendar revised

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    Fer no.65

    And Argentina is not there. And with just 1 week between the missing round and Hungary, maybe they’ll race in the UK, Germany or France, afterall?

    11.03.2012 Monza
    01.04.2012 Valencia
    15.04.2012 Marrakech
    29.04.2012 Tba TBA
    06.05.2012 Hungaroring
    20.05.2012 Salzburgring
    03.06.2012 Circuito ESTORIL ****
    22.07.2012 Curitiba *
    23.09.2012 Infineon **
    21.10.2012 Suzuka
    04.11.2012 Shanghai *
    18.11.2012 Macau Grand Prix



    Talking about the replacement, the Australian motorsport blogger Richard Bailey who seems to be really competent in WTCC stuff says this:

    We would speculate that either Germany or the Czech Republic – who both lost their spots on this year’s calendar – could be making a return.

    But most probably it’s anybody’s guess.


    Keith Collantine

    Given how well Huff did last year it’s surprising there’s no UK round. Though I can understand why Brands wouldn’t want to lose one of the dwindling number of weekends on which they can use the full Grand Prix circuit.

    I’d like to see them at Donington. Or, if they simply must have a huge paddock and pits, then Silverstone, but preferably the International Circuit (the Grand Prix track would be way too long):

    (Interesting, the URL calls it the ‘southern circuit’)



    I’d much rather see a race on what used to be known as the Southern Circuit (now the International Circuit) Although good for club-type events, I always thought the National Circuit was a little short and boring. THe new International layout has the new pit & Paddock, the Village loop, plus Stowe, Club, and the superfast Abbey.

    Surely a much more sttractive prospect for an international-level series than what is essentially Copse, 3 straights and an aging pit complex.



    Silverstone isn’t really suited to touring car racing, too much straight track and not enough corners. If the GP circuit was scaled down a bit then I’m sure it would produce some good racing.

    I would like to see a WTCC race at Snetterton though. Someone was planning a new international circuit in South Wales late last year, if that was ever built there may be a chance for WTCC to return to the UK?


    Keith Collantine

    A race at the Slovakiaring (bet you can’t guess where that is) will take the place of the cancelled Argentinian round, the fourth event of the season:

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