F1 Fanatic Live: 2017 Singapore Grand Prix

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      1. overall it’s difficult not to. RB seems to be the car to beat this weekend. Judging by Kimi’s pace, Ferrari are really not on it, contrary to our expectations. If they don’t score big this weekend against the Mercs, we can say goodbye to the championship hopes

  1. I’m loving seeing them battle with the limits against that wall in the 2nd to last corner. That’s the sort of thing F1 needs – it’s not dangerous having a wall there but everyone would be going wide if it was a big kerb. It would completely eliminate the challenge of that corner.

    1. I don’t have video – half the people saying Raikkonen’s fault, half saying Verstappen’s – can somebody give an account of what happened in a detailed manner (was it just a racing incident between two popular drivers?)

      1. Kimi got a good start off the line, went on the inside towards the pit wall. Verstappen got sandwiched between him and Vettel covering, hit the front wheel and got the two Ferraris together.

    1. I noticed that Max made an early turn and “positioned” the car to go slowly towards Kimi and he went straight after that.. I have no idea if that’s a penalty but I think this is exactly what happened…

  2. How has no one noticed that VET would have hit RAI if VER backed out by another 1/2 car length. Racing incident but 100% VET with the late move across to the damn nest the wall.

          1. I’m no Vettel fan, for sure, or Ferrari, but I hate blaming drivers for trying to make a race. As the driver in question, I’ll treat him as a biased source!

    1. 2008 Ferraris dreadful performance in the wet British GP costs them the WDC

      2017 Ferraris dreadful performance in the wet Singapore GP may cost them the championship.

  3. Welp. I’d rather see them fighting for P1, which may have happened with Vet, Rai and Ver… race can still be thrilling, a bit disappointed though :-(

  4. Can’t believe people are blaming anyone other than Vettel for the start. Vettel caused the incident end of story. To argue anything else is to argue that drivers shouldn’t be allowed to race. Seriously people here are blaming Raikkonen and Verstappen for getting better starts than Vettel? May as well have rolling starts if that’s what you want lol

    1. I see it as a racing incident, I’d be surprised if Vettel could see anything behind him. He covered the line on pure instinct, it was the wrong choice but nothing dirty happened there.

      1. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it wasn’t a racing incident but racing incident does not mean no ones fault. Look at all the space Vettel had and instead he squeezed two cars. maybe he couldn’t see Verstappen but he should have had enough self awareness to know that his bad start meant there was a very good chance Verstappen was along side.

  5. Slightly surprised Ricciardo hasn’t made any inroads into Hamilton. Wondering if the drying track suits worn, slick-like Inters over new ones.

        1. Mercedes confirmed both had their engines turned down. Overall, Bottas has been pretty solid this season. Remember it is his first season with the team and it took Rosberg 4 years to beat Hamilton when he’s already been with the team a few year before Hamilton joined. Just because he got overtaken by Palmer doesn’t instantly mean he is rubbish.

  6. my only prediction coming true will be Ric’s 2nd place. Today is such a disappointing day. It was Vettel’s fault, in my opinion. Not in that he caused it, but that he should have anticipated any turn of events and be ready to cede a position, because points are more important.

  7. VAN, STR might have some serious issues at the restart, as they were already slowing down before the SC.
    On the other hand, there might be only 5 “race” laps left, so…

      1. PR and damage limitation, they may have a point you know, I am 50% that I saw contact between Kimi and Ves first. Still calling a racing incident, but it may be important to their fans to have a point to bicker over

    1. Yeah huge slice of luck for them and Hamilton in particular, but my goodness he’s been on it today and made it count when he’s had the chance.

  8. Wow what a race! Missed the first part was following on the app lots of wth moments.. Let the blame drama begin.. It’s going to be interesting post race.. Lucky Lewis great strategy! So sorry for Verstappen, wish there was a way to make up all these races for him poor thing! Congrats to Toro Rosso almost sounds like a win for them.

  9. Vettel’s fault. My initial reaction was that it was Verstappen’s fault, and intially I also tought that they’d taken Ricciardo out rather than Alonso, but after the replays I conclude it to be Seb’s fault.

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