F1 Fanatic Live: World Endurance Championship

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    1. By the way, the timestamps are a bit off. Unless the post-Brexit UK have decided to adjust their time zone to 1:15 behind the European mainland, that is.

  1. You have to say, the LMP1s have been extremely unlucky. The #1 Porsche and the #7 & #9 Toyotas had their issues in the worst possible place, being on the pit straight. We saw how close Toyota got to the pits – if they had their problems a KM or two later, they could’ve made it back to the garage, fixed it, and potentially finished.

  2. Managed to get a decent amount of sleep but still seen all the drama in LMP1. Whilst this is fascinating to watch it is a shame to see just one LMP1 car with a chance of being on the podium

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised. If things get a bit crazy, the LMP1 race might become a complete farce. 6 cars on the grid – that’s not a crisis anymore, that’s a catastrophe.

  3. After two hours the leaders are:

    LMP1: #7 Toyota – Conway/Kobayashi/Sarrazin
    LMP2: #31 Rebellion – Prost/Beche/Heinemeier Hanson
    GTE Pro: #95 Aston Martin – Sorensen/Thiim/Stanaway
    GTE Am: #62 Ferrari – MacNeil/Sweedler/Bell

  4. #2 has played its card. They’ll only do full service once while Toyota has had done one and will have to do another. That’s fascinating and now Toyota will have to launch an attack on track.

    1. of course, in an endurance race, the blue flags (esp. for those many laps behind, and in a much slower category) also make a lot more sense than they do in F1; I agree, good move by the RD to make it clear right away so no one need even put effort into thinking about it :)

    1. Didn’t saw anything wrong. They seemed to work normal while it seems like turbo problems again. I dunno what’s gong wrong with Audi this year.

      Reckon it’s their worst race ever at Le Mans.

  5. Great start to the race. Just like Spa, Toyota are really looking strong and by extending their furl stints to around 14 laps, they’re looking very strong currently.

    Both Toyota should be in the top 3 after this pitstop I believe.

  6. Woah, it’s chucking it down!
    Thanks for mentioning it’s on Quest on the TV times page. Didn’t even know that was a channel! Now I can watch the first hour, then F1 qualifying on Channel 4+1…

    1. I felt like that last year too, the racing is more “pure”. Nobody is talking about balancing the field etc. Here’s the rules, here’s the calendar. Go for it!

  7. The only thing missing fro Webber is a proper title celebration – it’s such a lame thing that no series has a championship podium except NASCAR. Even if you win by finishing 17th, you still get the championship celebration (aside from the separate victory lane, of course).

  8. Also heart-warming to see Wurz’s farewell with a podium finish.
    I’m only a little bit gutted that Wolff didn’t procedded much in ROC, but she was close nevertheless. A great day.

  9. It’s quite iconic – as Webber finally wins a major championship, Vettel, in about the exact same moment, perhaps literally, clinches his first Race of Champions title. Which he pursued for nearly a decade now. It’s a big fat happy ending for the ex team mates.

    1. Indeed. I was actually thinking the same thing. If this was a hollywood movie, the timing would’ve been perfect. Perhpaps it actually is.

      It doesn’t matter-both will go home happy now. A big achievement for Vettel, he finally wins ROC, but a massive, massive win for Webber. He can finally tell that he’s actually a World Champion :D Jesus… i’m so excited :D

    1. Yep :D Maybe F1 was too much for him, but this year both his team and driver pairing were stronger than Audi/Lot and co. and it showed.


  10. Even if, say, Neel retied now, Lot would inherit 1st, but Web would been 4th. The Porsche boys have this in the bag now. Only a Interlagos 2008 can send the title to the Audi garage now.

  11. Irrelevant with WEC, but seeing the Aston Martin tweet reminded me of the possible F.I. buyout. And if that happens, i wouldn’t want a “rebrand”. Better have a full takeover, to make an Aston Martin works team. Simple rebranding an outfit seems..cheap.

  12. Webber is back on track again – no places lost, but blimey, that Porsche seems to be on its last legs. It was the engine actuator once again. Meanwhile, Mr Le Mans blitzes into the ROC semis in London… :D

  13. Popping back to catch up with things: the #17 Porsche is not able to hunt down any of the Toyotas after all (still 1 lap plus the better part of 30s down), so I guess it’ll come down to Porsche seeing how strategy pans out in the final half an hour – and then decide: if the #18 can win the race, they won’t interfere, but if it cannot, they’ll surely instruct it to stop with 4-6 laps to go.

  14. Also, the #17 is about 30s behind the 4th-place Toyota on-track – 2 laps down on the standings, but if they can claw a lap back (they are lapping 2s faster), they’ll be just 1 lap down. They can get that thing back until the checkered on their own as well.

  15. OK, it’s now #7 Audi v. #18 Porsche for the win as the #8 Audi also has a problem. If Porsche wins that particular battle – currently down to strategy – they’ve for the title for the other car.

  16. As things stand, the Audis have practically began their pit cycles early (about lap 25 vs the Porsche’s lap 30) and generally drive shorter stints (about 25-lap vs the Porsches’ 30-lap). Now I wonder if that will set them on a 7-stop race (28*7 plus a few laps for the expected 205, give or take a two). Vs. Porsche’s 6 stops (30*6 plus a few laps).

  17. Webber and co. are 14 points in front of Lotterer and co.

    Web and co. can clinch the title by finishing on 3rd place or higher in Bahrain, in 3 weeks time.

    1. Multi 17-18 all the way @adrianmorse. I won’t be as angry at it this time because it deosn’t change #18’s championship status (#18 will be out whether they finish 1st or 2nd wrt #17), even if team orders at Fuji did a hell of a lot for that.

  18. they really picked a bad time for the race start. had it been three hours earlier i’d have been able to watch the whole race, but since this race is over at 6 am for me i can’t watch it. can’t stay awake for this long.

    1. I’m not convinced I can stay up until 5 am given there’s a marathon running near my house tomorrow morning…. …but there’s a loud concert going on now that means I need the WEC to block out the racket! Can’t win.

  19. It’s not often that I watch three competitive racing sessions and the F1 is the least Noah’s Ark-esque… Still, some interesting racing is happening in the back half of the field.

    1. The fuel penalty system was introduced with the new regulation package, which places strict limits both on the fuel flow rate and the amount of fuel which can be used over an average of three laps. I do not think that anybody has fallen foul of it before, but the penalty system was in place at Le Mans.

          1. I’d day Marko and Mateschitz will certainly want to have Webbo and Brendon attending the Austrian GP, at least they will then have something to show off, yes. Not sure about Horner, although, you are right about him being able to suddenly be “hugely proud” of Mark and somehow claiming he had anything to do with it, maybe adding how LeMans is now better than F1 or something.

        1. Chill mate, he’s great. He was stellar that day, but made a rookie error. But that’s almost 3 years ago, and he has absolutely no reason to push as hard as a Force India driver trying do overtake a dominant McLaren.

  20. Interested to see how Radio Le Mans would handle Hulkenberg winning.

    Radio Le Mans gets a bit precious about endurance racing versus Formula 1. I think the idea that an F1 driver could come in and potentially win Le Mans at the first attempt after they spend so much time criticising modern Formula 1 doesn’t really suit their narrative that endurance racers are so much more admirable than F1 drivers.

      1. They do — but GT Am drivers still score points toward the overall GT championship in the WEC, so perhaps they could be on the podium? Either way, Pedro Lamy & co are going to score 50 points toward that championship — they’re going to be ahead of most of the pro teams!

    1. It does seem like that watching it.. no retirements of the top 8 etc. but I’m sure there is conservation of fuel and tyres to make the ‘quad stints’ or not run out of fuel on a 13km lap back to the pits etc.

      1. Every race has some sort of conservation as it’s in the DNA of competitors to find an advantage in any shape or form and Le Mans is no different. However, to say that it’s purely a race to last 24 hours isn’t correct. These guys go flat out for most of the and yet the gaps in some of these classes are just around 30-40 secs which might seem a lot but it’s nothing when you fight for 24 hours.

        Just look now at the GTE Pro class. They had a sprint for 22 hours and now the Ferrari #51 which was nearly 4 laps in front of Ferrari #71 is behind them.

        Same for LMP2 and LMP1.

        It indeed is a sprint as well as a marathon!

        1. Mainly because of fear one manufacturer might be way ahead, triggering a spending war on ERS. Agree open, but with a fixed price to customers, would be better aligned with goal of the PU.

          1. I agree with more open, especially leaving more room to increase the hybrid use – the MGH especially. Then again, just imagine Mercedes being even further ahead …

    1. True, I think the only race was Le Mans Bugatti in 1967, called a ‘mickey mouse track’ at the time, a bit like Tilkedromes now compared to the classics! No doubt they’d have rather run the classic course..

  21. Funnily, so many former Red Bull juniors are following their master Dr. Helmut Marko by racing in Le Mans and hardly racing in Formula 1.

    Filipe Albuquerque
    Brendon Hartley
    Neel Jani (that’s not me)
    Karun Chandhok
    Sebastian Buemi

    1. My question is, where would he go? It’s so rare for top LMP1 teams to unceremoniously dump one of their drivers, Lapierre being the exception. The only time you’ll see a vacancy open up is when a driver retires or a new team enters. And even then, most manufacturers tend to promote from within. I reckon Hulkenberg will carry on in F1 while driving the third Porsche for the next few years.

      1. It’s so rare for top LMP1 teams to unceremoniously dump one of their drivers

        But it doesn’t have to be unceremonious. Lieb could always take back the wheel of a 911 RSR, while Dumas is preeeetty much a loaner from Audi.

    2. Hulkenberg SHOULD make that move, to be honest, if someone offers him a full season contrct. It’s not “if he doesn’t get a top drive in F1”. He won’t. No way Ferrari or Red Bull or McLaren are going to pick him over Bottas or Verstappen or Magnussen or Vandoorne.

      Also, winning here with Porsche might just prove to be the perfect start of a very fruitful sportscar career. I don’t tip him for a 2016 move just yet, but I have no doubt he’ll end up in the WEC at some point soon.

      1. But Ferrari did have an option on him – and this was while they still had Bianchi waiting in the wings! It’s not impossible Ferrari will hire him, but now he’s up against Ricciardo and Bottas. If they get Bottas to replace Kimi that might steal him away from direct competitors however..

          1. Agree with both of your comments above. To be really honest, I rate Hulk more than Bottas, so I would love to see him drive a Ferrari…and he has got #27 also, iconic with Ferrari

  22. Seeing those pitstop replays, I would really hope that instead of horrible complicated things, F1 would just cut down on how many people can work on a car at a time. IF you want pitstops to be more interesting, this will help making it more of a moment. It will challenge the team too. A slight cost saving and improved safety on top = win IMO

    1. I’d prefer to keep the 2 point something second stops, I’m still gobsmacked by those. But yeah, if we had to have refuelling back in F1, make them complete the fuelling, then do the tyres. Or left tyres first, then right with the same people changing them.

  23. If it stays dry and if we don’t have a very long Safety Car period, we just might see an unbelievable 400 laps by the winner!

    It’s currently 397 laps in 2010 by Audi

    Also Bamber and Hulkenberg would be the first drivers since Laurent Aïello in 1998 to win Le Mans on their debut.

      1. Here’s hoping you’re not jinxing him with that kind of question. ;-)
        But yeah, he could be in for a massive reputation boost that might help his F1 career.

  24. I think Porsche are fortunate that the Audis with the fastest drivers have hit the most trouble. Lotterer has been banging in some very quick lap times, and I haven’t seen that kind of consistent speed from the #9.

      1. Well, the fastest team, but they had bad luck and some mistakes, so not sure about best. Also, Porche is a newer team, but with a car that is quite close to the Audi in race trim, otherwise it wouldn’t still be so close as it has been for most of the race.

    1. Yes, although they do have the option of Michelin’s grooveless intermediates, which are visually the same as slicks, but for some reason they cope very well in the damp, and are also useable in fully dry conditions.

    1. I see, the #19 Porsche has a 1 lap lead over the #17 Porsche and a gap of a bit over 4 minutes over the first Audi. Neat. Keeping my fingers crossed for them.

    2. Don’t think you missed much.

      – Nissan #21 retired
      – Porsche #17 is firmly in P2 after a great battle with Audi #9
      – Audi #7 chances blew even further after the car’s rear bodywork flew off by itself

    1. Why not? The class is ProAm, if a 60 year old Am driver wants to pay for a car to enter, it gives another two drivers with more talent/potential the chance to race, and if they’re living their dream, good luck to them.

    2. I agree with Mathers there. If he can afford it and is healthy enough/sharp enough to pass the minimum requirements, why not? Nothing wrong with age, either young or old, they are just one factor. The guy is still driving better than many of us will ever do

  25. Did any of the other broadcasts pick up that set of complex instructions they gave the Audi #9 car for recycling everything between the chicanes? That was NUTS! No power, no brakes, no steering…get it up to 200mph and start resetting everything….I’m sure it will be ok! LOL
    These guys are nuts!

  26. Wow the Porsches are actually getting quicker. Mark had no pace earlier and now he’s flying. Top 3 on the same lap though and that’s nothing. The problem is it’s the wrong Audi, the No.7 (and to a lesser extent 8) would probably have the pace later if they were making up ground on the same lap. Is this Porsche’s race providing they stay reliable?