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    Hi @javanese

    Thanks for the heads up. Yes i see pearly bird prices are out, but tickets are not on sale yet.

    I will most likely go for the K1 grandstand.
    I however read somewhere that with K1 tickets you are not allowed entry to the Mall area?
    Can anyone confirm this?
    What usually happens in the Mall area on the Saturday and Sunday of the F1?




    Thanks Madi Murphy!!!!
    This definitely helps alot.

    Do you perhaps remember or have a copy of your seat numbers? If yes please let me know.
    We will then be staying in KL for the week of the F1, we dont mind the queue after the race, we normally roam around the circuit for about 2 hours in any case.

    Thanks again Madi Murphy, i really appreciate your help.



    Hi Garns & javanese

    Thanks for the comments.

    I too will only book once the dates are confirmed. im just looking to get as much info as possible to get the most out of this trip.
    The dates that i have seen around are 28th-30th March tho, and i see they are the same in the draft calender published on friday.
    I want the dates to be confirmed soon, so that the planning can start!

    Hopefully i can get tips from the guys and girls that have gone to Sepang in the past.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)