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    Adam Tate

    That was fantastic! Felt like old commentary from the 1940’s.

    I do hope Sauber has another breakthrough year. They were honestly unlucky not to win a race last year. Perez needed but half a lap more at Monza and Kobayashi could have pulled a big upset at Spa were it not for the big crash. Hulkenberg showed great poise (for the most part) while leading in Brazil. 2013 really could be their year.


    Adam Tate

    It’s a rather open ended question, but I’ll have a go at it! :)
    I was just talking about this with a friend the other day. My ideal season would be one in which RedBull, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes all start the season with nearly equal lap times. No team having the upper hand for more than a race or two, little reliability issues, and a closer fight for the championships than last season.


    Adam Tate

    That’s a great list this year! I love that Massa hosts this every year. Still it would be nice to see Barrichello, Kanaan, Castroneves, etc. joining in on the fun this year.


    Adam Tate

    1. Vettel, he blitzed the field in the second half of the season, scoring
    171 points over the final 10 races, Alonso had more than anyone
    else over the same period, but only managed 124.
    2. Hamilton, let down by his equipment, let down by his team, and
    occasionally let down by himself. Had the most podiums and
    could have had the most wins were it not for McLaren’s woeful
    3. Raikkonen, Incredibly consistent, incredibly quick. Had he been
    driving for the big 3, he would have challenged for a WDC. Still,
    3rd in the standings was excellent.
    4. Alonso, I am going against the grain by putting Alonso in 4th. Did
    he drive brilliantly? Of course. Caught lucky breaks like he was
    wrapped in flypaper. But were it not for the misfortune of others
    and Ferrari shoving Massa out of his way the second half of the
    season it wouldn’t have been as close as it really was.
    5. Button, Put in some excellent drives, let down by his team, but
    not to the extent Hamilton was. Book ended the season with a pair
    of wins and actually outscored everyone but Vettel and Alonso
    over the season’s final races.
    6. Perez, on the weekend’s when Sauber was on the money, he
    showed it. 3 excellent podiums earned him his big shot.
    7. Hulkenberg, Took Force India to highs they have rarely
    experienced. Q3, consistent points finishes and leading laps in
    Brazil. A top ride beckons.
    8. Weber, started the year strongly, with 2 fine victories, but then
    fizzled out over the final races, his poor starts and reliability woes
    getting the best of him.
    9. Massa, proved that it’s not how you start, but how you finished.
    Scored more points than both Weber and Hamilton over the
    second half of the season with a run of 10 consecutive races in
    the points, more than quadrupling his points haul from the first 10
    10. Maldonado, one of the surprises of the year, despite the crashes
    and penalties, his Qualifying pace and win in Spain have brought
    Williams back from the brink. Time will tell if he can be molded
    into a future star or become another unrealized talent the likes of
    the last feisty South American phenom: Montoya.
    11. Schumacher
    12. Rosberg
    13. Kobayashi
    14. Di resta
    15. Grosjean
    16. Senna
    17. Ricciardo
    18. Vergne
    19. Pic
    20. Kovalienen
    21. Glock
    22. Petrov
    23. De la Rosa
    24. D’Ambrosio
    25. Kathikeyan


    Adam Tate

    Can’t argue with everyone,
    Massa on Senna for sure.


    Adam Tate

    Is the Macau race live streamed online anywhere? I’d love to watch it if possible. It’s a great event that doesn’t get enough exposure or coverage, at least here in the U.S.

    Even Macau itself doesn’t get enough exposure, few people know that it was both the first, and last European colony in Asia. A fascinating place.


    Adam Tate

    Larry, Curly and Moe.

    No, but seriously, I’d go for Murray Walker, David Hobbes and Dario Franchitti.


    Adam Tate

    I’d love the classic McLaren orange livery to return, but this metallic take of it presented on the cars at Paris is a bit too loud.


    Adam Tate

    That’s awesome. People knock Vettel for his antics, all the helmet designs, the dreaded finger, but at least he feels comfortable enough to show off his personality. It adds a bit of character and light hearted fun to the series. Plus LEDs are just cool. They are already set to be the future of every conceivable type of lighting, but for someone to stick em on a helmet is definitely inspired.


    Adam Tate

    I so hope this happens, it will be one of the highlights of the 2013 racing year. With Ganassi set to have one of the few unchanging line ups for next season, adding an extra car for Zanardi at Indianapolis should be relatively easy.

    Now if only Montoya would give up the ghost in Nascar and return back to Indy.


    Adam Tate

    Such an incredible race, I got busy with work so I had the race just sitting on my DVR for days! Finally watched it and all I can say is wow. I’m thrilled for Hunter-Reay and Andretti Autosport, but I am simultaneously gutted for Will Power. I hope he gets a break soon, he has more than earned it.

    If Rubens coming across the pond brought over new Indycar fans from F1, great races like this should only add more!


    Adam Tate

    Just tried the demo for the first time last night, did a couple 5 lap races at Monza and it was awesome!!!

    Really looking forward to the full game.


    Adam Tate

    Yeah I’m fairly certain it would ruin the handling of such a small car as mine, but it’s a fun thought!


    Adam Tate

    @Fer no.65

    Thanks man! I haven’t been following Scarbs as close as usual this season, so I missed seeing that.

    I am surprised that can even get to ebay, that is just incredible!! And good for Scarbs getting an F-Duct :)

    I’d love to see what an airbox and some pirellis would look like on my MX-5 ;)


    Adam Tate

    Lol @enigma

    I was waiting for someone to say that!!

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