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    *correction for above:
    – allow reader to give separate rating per driver



    Hi Keith,

    A bit suggestion for site development:
    – allow reader to separate give rating per driver
    – editor rating is unpublished before reader logged in to give their rating
    – chart deviation of rating, to see the objectivity of reader rating

    This could be interesting to see, couldn’t it? I’m no site developer so can’t give you any technical input.




    I have three nominations, all of it from MotoGP: Losail, Assen, and Phillip Island.



    @xtwl given the current shape of McLaren, I’m sure Stoffel are looking other options as well. Ferrari? I’d not rather rule it out, but it’s unlikely. Bianchi is missed out unfortunately, Hulk is getting close and linked every year with them, but never close enough. Bottas is very eager to step up the ladder. given the dynamics of current grid, I think Stoffel would end up in teams like Force India or Sauber in his rookie year.



    Bottas on Massa at the end, sweeping him from the outside!



    Change mine to: Bottas, then Kvyat
    Not entirely shrugged off Grosjean though, he has the engine now.

    Chances are getting slimmer for Hulkenberg and Perez



    yes he was, but sadly the constant changes of regulation will always there. he is not that adaptable. big weakness for such a fast driver.



    McLaren MP4-20
    that’s a beast and beauty at the same time. you know what, it has viking horns!



    To be honest I pity the sport, or this entertainment circus whatever. There’s a lot of people at stake of leaving F1 yet they wonder why.

    I was introduced by my dad whom he seemed a casual viewer, in the era of Schu-Mika. I was in the 1st grade of elementary school back then. We could see the actions by free coverage on TV. As a kid, I only think that the cars were really cool and the crash and close racing is what I expected. I was one of cool guy at school who enjoyed it.

    That was the start of story when I saw Kimi arrival, when I foolishly thought that he is the lil bro of Mika, only because their surname rhymes. From that moment, I felt like ‘this thing is great, I would watch every race forever’
    When I missed the race, I raged. When my dad said, “you have class to attend next morning, son” to me as I watched Montreal, Indianapolis, and Interlagos past midnight, I replied, “sure dad, I’ll turn it off in few mins.” Yet we were watching it until chequered flag.

    Then the history goes on…

    First hit for me was when Toyota pulled itself out of the sport. Here in Indonesia, we lost the free coverage. We are such like a big market for them, and when they’re out of F1, they no longer have interest to retain their sponsorship in local TV. It did back few years later, with cigarettes as the sponsor, annoyingly with their 5 minutes ads per 5 minutes track actions. Not to mention the qualifying was not shown live anymore. By the time back then, I was a colleger and got massive wifi connection at campus and from then on, free streaming is my ultimate choice.

    I reckoned everything were not the same since the promoter ‘buys’ the sport commercial rights. They started to crave money and it did affect the fans all over the world, although for me the effects was rather minimum. But it did not feel the same indeed.

    The racing itself was different. Nowadays we got DRS and soon double points and standing start. This won’t be happening if the FIA is in control. Now the commercial point of view directs where the sports heading in the name of entertainment.

    There’s a reason why FA still hold the Premier League commercial rights, or UEFA hold the Champions League rights. Now look what we are. Bernie and his employers are all about hot money, without thinking the next consequences. Rising TV subscription cost, rising weekend ticket cost, the circus heading into the middle of nowhere as long as the money there. It was out of reach.

    Now I have got a job. Theoretically I able to subscribe TV coverage but I chose not to. I have a ticket to Sepang this year but assignment out of town made me not going, and it just slightly bothered me. Now I’m still in doubt whether to go to Singapore GP. I choose to be more casual, as the sport tends to concern the kind of fans more.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still really like the racing. But my love for the sport is faded. Fanatic isn’t a word to describe me. That goes to the one who pay a lot for Sky or attend Silverstone in circuit.

    It’s ironic, isn’t it? And they still wonder why they losing fans in circuit and decline on TV view…



    how about this: regardless of any points collected during the tournament, the one who perfectly guess the score of final match shall be declared the winner

    haha :p



    perfectly guessed the 0-0, but picked the wrong side on the penalties…

    for 3rd place:
    Brazil 2-1 Holland

    GERMANY 2-1 Argentina

    been fun guessing the score here, kudos to all of you guys!



    Brazil 1-2 Germany
    Holland 0-0 Argentina (4-3 on penalties)



    I didn’t expect penalties in previous round so, yes, it’s surprising for me.
    even Argentina and Germany had to play extra time, this World Cup is competitive!

    France 2-1 Germany
    Brazil 2-2 Colombia, 3-4 on penalties for Colombia
    Argentina 1-2 Belgium
    Netherland 2-0 Costa Rica

    trailing 21 pts in quarter finals… almost impossible to get the top now, LOL.
    time to predict some big upsets!



    Brazil vs Chile 2-1
    Netherlands vs Mexico 2-1

    Costa Rica vs Greece 1-0
    Columbia vs Uruguay 2-0

    France vs Nigeria 3-1
    Germany vs Algeria 2-1

    Argentina vs Switzerland 3-2
    Belgium vs United States 1-0

    more incentive for penalties @bradley13? hehehe
    personally I don’t see any penalty shootout in this round though.



    Hi @bradley13, I would like to guess the remaining group stage as well, since I would be unlikely to have internet access for few days.

    Nigeria vs Argentina 0-1
    Bosnia vs Iran 0-0

    Honduras vs Switzerland 0-2
    Ecuador vs France 0-4

    United States vs Germany 1-2
    Portugal vs Ghana 1-1

    South Korea vs Belgium 0-2
    Algeria vs Russia 1-2

    Arrivederci Azzurri
    bad refeeree and certain Uruguayan player bothered me a lot :(

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