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    Ok, GT6 already in my bluray drive :)



    hi guys my PSN is “Arrrang” but Im still playing gt5. My gt6 will arive within first week of january. So you can add me in advance ;)



    Feel free to add me see you online guys!
    PSN: Arrrang



    1. Alonso- 10 podiums and a race win in a car that belongs max at P5!
    2. Button- one of his best seasons to date, epic Canadian GP!
    3. Vettel- did his job in a superb RB7, no doubt his a top driver but in my opinion for 2011 deserves “only” few driver of the weekend titles.
    4. Weber- was outraced by Vettel this year, but he really is “not bad for a no.2 driver!”. If they had an equal machinery at RB from the start of the season it makes me feel that I must put Seb (and I do). Mark sorted his problem with Pirellis in the second half and was consisted but had few horrible race lunch procedures.
    5. Hamilton- poor season by his standards. Made few expensive errors and for me didn’t pass the pressure test when he was often fighting for P4-P6. (with Massa for example)
    6. Schumacher- had few races in a P7-P9 car when I really hoped he will get the podium he deserves (and I’m faaaaaaaaaaaar from being a Schumacher fan!). Solid season and maybe again a top driver awaking in him?
    7. Rosberg- a solid Rosberg style season, but without highlights this year.
    8. Perez- best of the rookies for me great driving from Australia to Brasil. Outraced and outquali Kamui good few times.
    9. Petrov- for his Australian podium, solid races few great quali. Too bad that Renault didn’t improve their car properly. Still it’s a shame that got involved in few collisions and was trying to hard at times.
    10. Di Resta – Great start to the season, and solid second half. Very good for a rookie!
    11. Alguersuari few great drives and a superb quali in that Toro rosso. Finished on top this year and was driving in a very mature style despite the pressure from Buemi and hopes for a RB drive.
    12. Kobayashi- showed great racing skills few times, and didn’t crack at Brasilian GP.
    13. Buemi – solid season.
    14. Sutil- I expected more from him this year. (at least dominating his rookie team mate Kubica style)
    15. Kovalainen- too bad that he didn’t score the points he deserved..
    16. Maldonado- for me he proved he deserves his F1 seat not only because of sponsorship money. Few good drives in a more of a pickup truck not an F1 car.
    17. Heidfeld- not so quick anymore… he belongs in F1 but i hoped he will be a better replacement for Kubica
    18. Barrichello- time to retire Rubens….
    19. Liuzzi- hope he will stay at HRT and they will build a better car for him.
    20. Glock- he belongs in a better team.
    21. Senna- not bad but still not worthy to use the Senna name….
    22. Trulli- a poor season by his standards.
    23. D’Ambrosio- didn’t shine but who hoped he will?!?
    24. Riccardo- nothing special this year. If he is such a talent let him have a seat at RB mister Marko.
    25. Karthikeyan- seems like a nice person, good driver but hey it’s F1. He doesn’t fit here anymore.
    26. Massa- that guy was driving an FERRARI F150 and he ended the season with 2 P5 finnishes and half of Alonsos points… I know that Ferrari had a truck not an F1 car but it can’t be bad luck all year long! Can it?

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