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    Vincent Ouwehand

    I seriously hope that someone will stream the C4 stuff, since i cannot receive it in mainland europe and it was and with this team still is the only proper F1 covering.


    Vincent Ouwehand

    Translated it is about Verstappen taking over Kvyat his seat to help Red Bull improve the car.


    Vincent Ouwehand

    Alonso on the outside of Raikonnen. Surely the best overtake at a track that is so hard to overtake at. It shows his skill once again and shows what Ferrari has lost with their lack of quality cars over the past years.


    Vincent Ouwehand

    24 – Karthikeyan – Driving chicane, should not be on the grid, but is because of his payments to the team.
    23 – De la Rosa – Man is capable of driving, but still is on the grid for the same reasons as Karthikeyan
    22 – Glock – Just not good enough, which is supported by the fact that Pic out qualified him several times and out raced him at least once.
    21 – Massa – Ever since his head trauma he never got back to his old level, which was nothing more then second driver at Ferrari. Time to move on if he has some dignity.
    20 – Petrov – Could do a lot better in my opinion with a not great qualification record vs Heikki
    19 – Pic – Good for a rookie but consistency lacks. Does outperform his “experienced” teammate Glock and could thus proof to be better in the future.
    18 – Kobayashi – Since last year his performances are not what you would expect of an overtaking specialist. Would love to see him do better, but stuck here at 18 for now.
    17 – Vergne – Not sure about him yet, he is a rookie, shows consistency, albeit slow. Could be the car
    16 – Ricciardo – Not sure about him yet, he is a rookie, shows consistency, albeit slow. Could be the car
    15 – Senna – Crashes lots occasional good performances, obviously misses open wheel class experience in his younger years. The 10 year “no racing” gap after his uncle died visibly hurts his career now.
    14 – Schumacher – Retirements and a bad season start, still has some speed left and obviously is at Mercedes GP to help build the team with Ross Brawn.
    13 – Maldonado – Had some good races, some bad races and slowly slides towards a Hamilton season (crash…crash…crash…crash…it’s all because i am Venezuelan)
    12 – Hulkenburg – Slowly picking up the pace and becoming more comfortable in the car. The man has talent, now all he needs is a car that works for him. Given time he will climb the ladder i suspect.
    11 – Di Resta – Inconsistent, but since his team mate is just as inconsistent i chalk that up to the car. Solid season for the rest.
    10 – Kovalainen – Outperformed car and teammate again with 2 Q2 appearances. Man deserves a better team, but seems to thrive in the Caterham team.
    9 – Button – Sometimes i feel sorry for him, he tries hard, doesn’t (publicly) complain, but cannot find the speed in the car.
    8 – Perez – Outperformed Kobayashi in a surprisingly strong Sauber scoring 2 podiums. Definitely a big talent for the future.
    7 – Rosberg – His car is not up to snuff, otherwise Rosberg would be up front more. Skilled, clever, fast, assuming he has a car that can.
    6 – Vettel – Not as good as his last 2 seasons but still won a race. Now that he is not in the front he is not so impressive in driving either.
    5 – Grosjean – Proofed the critics wrong about his first go in F1, put him on 5, but really, 2-5 could he changed at will.
    4 – Webber – Seems much happier with this car and seems to drive around issues better then his teammate. Solid season and definitely a contender for the championship.
    3 – Raikonnen – This is how you come back from F1 retirement; Schumacher, make notes.
    2 – Hamilton – Should have won more then he has, team let him down, but he shows them the same curtsy as they showed him last year. Man seems to be in the right place mentally and takes joy from driving his car.
    1 – Alonso – Amazing how he can make the Ferrari perform in the beginning of the season. The car was ugly (all are), slow and a dog to drive, but Fernando still managed to get to lead the championship at summer break. I just wish i could have put Hamilton here, but what Alonso did is just a bit more then i wish he did.


    Vincent Ouwehand

    Seeing the footage of last year i am surprised to see Grosjean in F1, 2 not so clever moments out there. Then again, the level of drivers in general was so low (from this footage) that he might have been the best option.

    In regards to splitting qualify, i can see why they want to do that, but not the way they do now.

    Either use the championship standings, giving the top 14 drivers Q1 and bottom 14 Q2 or use the result of qualify in the last race and take the fastest 14 there for session 1 and the slowest for session 2.

    But educating all of the drivers to be less of a dumb ass would probably still be better then splitting the qualify.


    Vincent Ouwehand

    Montreal – Super-soft/Medium
    Valencia – Soft/Hard
    Silverstone – Soft/Hard
    Hungaroring – Super Soft/Medium

    The bigger the gap between the tyres, the bigger the spectacle, even with these tyres (See Barca).

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