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    Sounds more Russian than anything, Petrov would be a better take.



    Some drivers may prefer to have a buzzer/beep played through the headset instead of a light.

    If it is raining or there is a car issue that needs managing (puncture, bodywork damage etc) it may be preferable to leave the wing in it’s default position.



    A light will come on indicating the wing is available and if I’m not mistaken usage will be a manual operation as a driver may not wish or need to use it at every opportunity.



    Indeed but it is alleged that he got the idea to paint the horse after downing a German pilot – who used one representing the Stuttgard coat of arms…



    Depending on the damage, certain repairs are not possible – as in real racing. They are re-working the damage to allow more scope for repair though. Also, good to see you within a couple of seconds of the pace setters, though keep in mind Lime Rock is very small, 2 seconds there will be much more elsewhere, and finding the extra time is no easy task. Practice makes perfect. ;)

    Finally keep an eye on your saftey rating, it will plummet if you’re regularly involved in incidents, plus it doesn’t matter whos at fault. You can refer people to the stewards but they won’t restore any rating losses either way.

    Edit: I almost forgot, have you tried the FW31 at Lime Rock? :p



    Look at the Ferrari and Porsche logos. Both use ‘pracing horses’ (allegedly from the same origin – the Stuttgart coat of arms), both are black on yellow, both are facing to the left, there is however no dispute from either party and there never has been.

    There is also Avanti ( and Iron Horse Bicycles ( as noted in wikipedia.

    Sometimes common sense is enough to distinguish between brands.



    Here’s a few names to look out for when you join up: ;)

    Dale Earnhardt Jr

    Scott Speed

    William Power

    Joey Logano

    Sean Edwards

    Justin Wilson

    Lewis Hamilton

    Oriol Servia

    Heikki Kovalainen

    Michael McDowell

    Tomas Scheckter

    Danica Patrick

    Takuma Sato

    Mark Blundell

    Nico Hulkenberg

    Luiz Razia

    Lucas di Grassi

    Timo Glock

    Esteban Manuel Gutierrez Gutierrez

    Mike Conway

    Marcos Ambrose

    AJ Allmendinger



    Introducing the Enzo Henry Ferrari Ford F(-)150(th) Italia.

    Nah, F150 it is.

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