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    He is one of the best and most successful racers in F1 so that normally results in both love and hatred by F1 fans and everything in between. He can also be unpleasant when things don’t go his way, like Alonso, Vettel and many others past and present.

    However due to him being British and a superstar, with a superstar girlfriend, he generates more clickbait articles than any other F1 driver, at least in the UK. Those aware of such articles will know that it is generally any sort of negative article on a famous/popular celebrity because people will want to comment on it and share it on Facebook/Twitter.

    That is the world we are in unfortunately. Same for others like Ronaldo, Messi etc.



    The best moment was the 7 different winners in the first 7 GPs. Summed up why this was a classic season.

    My favorite moment was seeing Alonso, Kimi and Schumacher in Valencia on the podium and the photos of them in 05/06 all in different colour overalls. After 7 years – the three remain class acts.



    @kingshark F1 has always been about 85% team, 15% driver. Red-Bull therefore deserve both titles because they are ahead of everyone else yet again and, tbh, Ferrari don’t deserve anything. Their car coming into this season was hopeless and their windtunnel development is an embarrassment.

    Alonso is merely a member of the team and he has done exceedingly well to transcend what has been the 3rd/4th best car this season into a contender. But Newey & Red-Bull deserve this and Vettel again has delivered.

    Maybe this proves that driver stats aren’t necessarily be all and end all of F1.



    I think Button will batter Perez at the start but as Perez adapts it will become very close. Hamilton will initially struggle before eventually establishing himself as team leader.



    Schumacher. His performances in wet qualifying confirms this. Some of his wet weather drives in his 1st career are the best I’ve seen. Hamilton also has tremendous pace in the wet whilst 4 of Alonso’s last 5 wins have been rain affected.



    By the way James Allen has put the Gazetta dello Sport ratings on his website:

    10 – Alonso
    8.5 – Hamilton
    8 – Raikkonen
    7 – Webber, Vettel, Rosberg, Grosjean
    6.5 – Di Resta, Maldonado
    6 – Schumacher, Perez, Kobayashi, Hulkenberg, Kovalainen, Glock, De la Rosa, Pic, Petrov,
    5.5 – Senna
    5 – Button, Vergne, Ricciardo, Karthikeyan
    4.5 Massa

    Needless to say Button is rated a fair bit lower, Massa is last but Maldonado is somehow ahead of Perez!?? Maybe its for the lol factor he brings to the sport.



    @ Kingshark
    It tends to be the case that if you wreck one drivers race you incur a penalty. I’m not sure whether the shocking nature of Webber’s crash distracted the stewards from giving a penalty whilst they were checking to see whether he was okay. There have been plenty of similar incidents since then that have resulted in penalties.



    You can’t give Schumacher 25 points for Monaco as his penalty was a result of his incident in Spain which was his own fault, not bad luck. It was a shame that the penalty was more costly than anyone would have imagined.



    This is definitely his best year since his comeback and he got a great pole in Monaco despite being so many years past his prime plus his wet weather qualifyings were brilliant.

    People tend to be a bit short sighted when assessing drivers – its the ‘you’re only as good as your last race’ syndrome and unfortunately Schumacher had a nightmare in Hungary. For the opposite see people’s reactions to Kimi and Lotus – after being ignored all year for the WDC they are now the combination to beat.

    He has had rotten luck with reliability, but in his first career his cars suffered once every 2-3 years or so its difficult to feel too sorry for him.



    What an awesome weekend for Team GB. Delighted for Ennis after all the pressure she was under after missing out in Beijing and for Farah, I went crazy as he went for it on the final straight.

    Then Murray managed to destroy the great Roger Federer on Centre Court. Hope he can finally get that elusive slam. And to top it all off – Bolt in 100m, wow!

    It really has been one of the best weekends of Sport (that excludes F1 :D) I’ve seen.



    Canada 2011 was pure drama. I’d say Canada, Silverstone and Hungary were 3 excellent races.



    24 Karthikeyan – Out qualified every race by his team-mate, often by a large margin. Difficult to overtake but that’s mainly when he is being lapped.

    23 Glock – Might be harsh, but I do expect better from him. After wiping the floor with Di Grassi and Ambrosio, Pic has proven much more of a challenge. Needs a change of scenery.

    22 De La Rosa – Doing as well as he can with the machinery beneath him.

    21 Pic – Doing well compared to his team-mate and looks very promising. Hopefully he won’t fade into obscurity like his predecessors.

    20 Senna – Constantly being shown up by his team-mate on qualifying. Has his occasional moments such as in the wet in Malayasia or in Hungary but is generally slow and cumbersome.

    19 Massa – Probably the biggest gap between two team-mates since Schumi and others in 94. Considering Massa was once a consistent pole taker and race winner this is another massively disappointing season especially as his car has the joint most wins.

    18 Petrov – Not great, but certainly not as bad as he seemed in 2010. Kept his team-mate far more honest than Trulli (quali-extraordinaire) managed even in qualifying.

    17 Maldonado – Probably the maddest, craziest, most dangerous, horrifying and hilarious F1 driver I’ve ever seen. Would have been much, much lower had it not been for that sensational win in Spain on Sir Frank Williams’s birthday. His qualifying is generally excellent and occasionally sensational, making his antics all the more confusing/infuriating/hilarious.

    15 = Riccardio/Vergne – Cannot split these two at all. Riccardio generally does better in quali whereas Vergne has better races. Neither looks better than Buemi/Alguerasi and neither look like they will make the jump to Red-Bull a la Vettel.

    14 Kovalainen – Good driver but looks to be going nowhere fast in Catheram.

    13 Kobayashi – Really hasn’t refined himself or improved since breaking through. Exciting but doesn’t have the consistency or racecraft to match his overtaking skills. Been well outdriven by his younger, more inexperienced team-mate.

    12 Di Resta – Started the season brightly but has suffered in recent races. Seems more steady whereas his team-mate his capable of the more spectacular.

    11) Button – Considering he was one of the drivers of 2011, this has to be the biggest nose dive of the season. Had 3 great drives in Australia, China and Germany but we have come to expect more from a driver who prides himself on consistency. Another thing he is known for is the ease he puts on tyres but he has been embarrassed this season by his ‘tyre chewer’ team-mate in this regard.

    10) Hulkenburg – Struggled against his team-mate but has come alive in the last few races putting his car in really impressive grid slots. Been out of F1 for a year but considering how good Di Resta was against Sutil than Hulkenburg has really shown potential against a tough team-mate.

    9) Schumacher – Has had the best year since his return but has been unlucky with reliability somewhat ironically considering he seemed immune from it in his first career in F1. Highlights include pole in Monaco (befiore a penalty), a great podium in Valencia where he seemed more surprised than anyone and qualifying 3rd in both rain affected qualifyings in Silverstone and Hockenheim proving his wet weather prowess will never die. Unfortunately had the mother of all shockers in Hungary.

    8) Rosberg – Could easily be behind his team-mate if not for his brilliant pole & win in China. Does not seem to be able to elevate the car in places it shouldn’t like his team-mate at times but still has him at arms reach in the standings. Both Mercedes drivers must be disappointed at another season where they at the best of the midfield rather than challenging for wins.

    7) Perez – Breakthrough year? Was breath-taking in Malayasia and produced another stunning performance for a podium in Canada. Would love him at Ferrari. Able to take care of his tyres whilst also being faster than his team-mate, something he has in common with Hamilton and Alonso.

    6)Grosjean – Rookie of the year? After disappointing in 09, not much was expected of Romain but he has the better head to head in qualifying against his WDC team-mate and has 3 podiums and looks electric.

    5) Vettel – Comedown after the highs of 2011. Shown petulance after probably achieving too much, too soon (a la Alonso/Hamilton). A great win in Bahrain but generally his outbursts and behaviour have been poor. Put in the most dominant performance of the year in Valencia before retiring in the lead. Can never be written off.

    4) Kimi – the iceman cometh. Doesn’t have the win he craves but his consistency sees him with a serious shot at the championship. Lacks none of the magic he dazzled his fans with in his first f1 stint. Hungary especially was reminiscent of the way he’d wring the neck of the McLaren after starting from a low grid position (through no fault of his own).

    3) Webber – After being written off after a dismal 2011, Webber finds himself back in the thick of things, ahead of his team-mate in the WDC, qualifying far closer and the closest challenger to Alonso. Shown great character after being written off. Again.

    2) Hamilton – Back to his best. Dominating his team-mate, using his tyres better and generally performing to the highest level. Hungary was the most dominant weekend I can remember him having. Consistently let down by his pit crew and not making the most of having the best car at the start of the season, he’d be much closer and, on the basis of how good he and his car looked at Hungary, a shoe-in for the title.

    1) Alonso – Not much can be said that hasn’t already been said. Just enjoy watching one of the greats at the top of his game.



    2006 for me. Left breathless by a charged up Schumacher and Alonso. As mentioned Alonso’s first lap was the finest I’ve seen and would have easily been his greatest win. Was gutted when he retired but happy for Button although the moment was almost ruined by James Allen losing it in the commentary box.

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