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    I wasn’t really bothered by the lack of on-track action (excluding the obvious) considering how novel the series is, I’m just concerned that the majority of the fans won’t be so patient and won’t give the series another try.
    There’s definitely areas the series can improve – dropping Fanboost, getting rid of that silly music, and hopefully having a better track layout than whatever the hell we saw yesterday. But at the same time I’m still really impressed by the fact that an all-electric racing series didn’t immidiately get mocked into oblivion and was actually given a chance by most fans.
    The cars are definitely too slow, but I might still head to the London race next year. Apparently the live sound is better than what we hear on tv?



    Alonso’s win in Valencia was the best for me. There was just a brilliant passion about it that we rarely see these days.



    1 Australia
    3 China
    6 Monaco
    7 Canada
    8 New Jersey
    9 Britain
    12 Belgium
    16 Japan
    19 United States
    20 Brazil

    Having said that, am I right in saying that the BBC aren’t allowed broadcast 3 live races in a row? Can’t remember where I heard that though



    I’ll go for Senna on Perez. It was a bit easy, but still nicely executed.



    Normally I’d be strongly against split qualifying, but after watching that video I’m all for it. Keith, you mentioned how GP2 should be showing young drivers’ talents, but all last year’s quali session proved was that half of them shouldn’t have been put in a race car.



    I’ll go for Kobayashi on Button, it had the perfect amount of bravery to make it stick – as you’d expect from Kamui. Hamilton’s move on the Toro Rossos is a close second.



    I’m going to say Vettel on Rosberg. Brave stuff, and it paid off



    Q: Are you the kind of guy to have a Plan-B?

    A: No. Plan A can change a bit, but a plan B would just confuse me.

    Q: Who is your dream date?

    A: A select few girls I know who shall remain anonymous!

    Q: Which film last made you cry?

    A: Never cried during a film.

    Q: What are you afraid of?

    A: Nothing really.

    Q: What was the last book you read?

    A: Can’t remember, writing is much better than reading anyways.

    Q: What is your favourite way to relax?

    A: Watch a Grand Prix eating an entire tub of Pringles!

    Q: Have you ever – or would you ever – dye your hair?

    A: Not yet, and I don’t plan to.

    Q: Name five things that you hate?

    A: People who walk slowly, bad music (plenty of it these days), Irish people who “support” the top 4 English football clubs, cheating in sport, and watching politics screw up (again, plenty these days).

    Q: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

    A: No.

    Q: What did your teachers say about you in your school reports?

    A: I had 2 types of report depending on the subject: Most would say that I was quite good, but never said anything or actually contributed to the class, but all my Irish teachers would say I had no talent and put in no effort.

    Q: Who were your childhood heroes?

    A: Fernando Alonso.

    Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

    A: Not really.

    Q: Do you collect anything?

    A: Lynx cans.

    Q: What was your worst buy?

    A: Generally I’m good at sensible buying, but I recently got an LG phone and instantly hated it.

    Q: How do you take your coffee?

    A: I don’t have coffee, no need for it.

    Q: Your ideal non-race Sunday morning?

    A: Sleep in half the day, then eat something nice.

    Q: What was your first vehicle?

    A: Never had one… yet.

    Q: Whats the most embarrassing mistake youve ever made?

    A: Anything embarrassing mistake I’ve ever made I’ve swept to the back of my mind and forgotten about, so I don’t know!

    Q: What is the best thing you can cook?

    A: I can cook?

    Q: When was the last time you were really angry?

    A: Yesterday. Everybody who had to do jobs for me screwed up, I was tired, every single piece of technology I used just didn’t work, and the dinner (which usually makes up for a bad day) was disappointing.



    Xbox Live gamertag: CiaranM149, but I’m offline until the end of September or so, moving houses and whatnot.



    Hi there, I’m Ciaran, I’m 16, and I’m from Tralee, Kerry, Ireland.

    I’ve been following F1 since the 2003 season, apart from 2005 and 2006, when RTE stopped showing the races. I used to be a Jordan fan, now I mainly follow Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Lotus.

    I’ve never been able to attend an F1 race, but I hope to do so in the future.

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