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    So, I have never been to any raceday’s before, nothing whatsoever, but me and a few friends are thinking we want to come to Spa as it is always a decent race.

    Will be coming over from England, (probably will drive over). Anyone know what the cheapest way of doing this is? We’ll be getting GA tickets which we’ve seen for just over £100 each. There is 4 of us, so will be camping ideally somewhere, as I have had a little browse for hotels and they seem to be well over £500 each per night which is just ridiculous.

    Just have a few questions:
    Where is the best place to be on the circuit?
    What is the etiquette at a F1 race, as the only sporting events I go to are football, and the occasional cricket match, which I can’t imagine is very similar?
    What is the evening entertainment like in the surrounding areas of the circuit and is it all accessible from local campsites ?
    What day do people recommend arriving and leaving if we were to get weekend tickets? We were looking at arriving on either Thursday or Friday, and heading back towards England on the Sunday after the race? Looking at potentially stopping at another City for the Sunday evening on the way home in a hostel or something and a night out.
    Any other tips for an ‘F1 virgin’?

    Any help would be fantastic as we’re looking to have the best time possible.

    Thanks all in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)