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    Here is my Vid from the first corner… Not alot but there is nothing else on here aha ;)



    24 a Karthikeyan – just brings in the money.

    23 – Timo Glock – Should have a better grip and understanding of a car that has been built around him after being in the team for 3 years.

    22 – Vitaly Petrov – Nothing to note at half season.

    21 – Ricciado – Considering previous race experience in f1, he’s not setting the world alight – but that maybe due to his car.

    20 – Vergne – His car is probably hindering his performances.

    19 – Massa – if your teammate is winning a championship, you have no excuse not to be challenging for podiums – which he isn’t.

    18 – De La Rosa – has out shone his car and bought invaluable experience to the new team.

    17 – Pic – been consistent and out qualified experienced team mate – should stay on for another season and could make his way up the grid.

    16 – Maldonado – he may have won a race, but consistently irregular performances.

    15 – Kovalienan – Been strong in a car which should be better by now.

    14 – Shumacher – His car has failed him more than him failing his car.

    13 – Senna – despite early season Roumers – has been consistent and nearly out scored Maldonado despite his race win. Blew his best chances though.

    12 – Di Resta – Been strong in a good car – but for me hasn’t left a lasting impression.

    11 – Kobayashi – A good car yet we’ve seen less of him this season – but strong 4th in Germany could lead charge.

    10 – Hulkenburg – great 4th in Germany and show stronger performances than his team mate in many races.

    9 – Button – won the first race but been sliding down a slippery slope ever since, but is finding his feat again.

    8 – rosberg – is falling away now but been good in a bad car at many points, and has won a race this year.

    7 – Vettel – moaning a lot this year as not winning as much – but expect him to comeback strong

    6 – Perez – showing great promise for the future.

    5 – Grosjean – been fantastic in a second coming and has had some hard luck

    4 – Webber – consistency is key to him challenging for the title and leading Vettel – which should be his aim for this year

    3 Kimi – Been outstanding and has led the team well – could be an outside for the championship and hopefully will win a race.

    2 – Hamilton – despite his team and car failing him- has always had a calm head and been great whenever in whatever session, another driver hit by hard luck.

    1 – Alonso. The worst car at the start – and won the 2nd race. Has proven he is the best driver on the grid in a car which no one rated.



    It was very good! Its a shame, unlike in many other events, that you cant roam grandstands on Friday, so you get the same view all weekend but lukily my seat was under the roof, so I enjoyed it very much!



    Hi there, i’m planning to go to the German Grand Prix this year, for many reasons. I have a gap year and the dates for germany fit very well, also its the cheapest option through the tour operator select motoracing. I plan to get a grandstand ticket but would anyone have any advice about the whole weekend and their expereince at Hockenheim?



    Legard did have alot of contacts, but everyone Knows of Brundle and his work with the BBC and the Grid walk, and DC still works within the Red Bull team. You could tell to start with the Brundle was reading off a script, and yes, it sounded very much like a video game! I prefered it to the old lineup, and think it will improve race by race!

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