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    I got my tickets this week. :) This will be my first time in Barcelona so I would have some questions. Clear answers on clear questions, hopefully.
    -As a budget traveler, what would be the cheapest way to get to track Fri-Sun? Plus I would like to get around a little bit in Barcelona, so what would be the cheapest combination in transporting?
    -My grandstand is G, so are there paths between differrent grandstand areas? For example are there paths inside the track area from right behind the maingrandstand to grandstand G? Or do I have to get out off the circuit and then get in by another gate?
    -Circuit de Catalunya says on Friday I can choose whatever grandstand I want (except C and E). I bought my tickets on other website so can I still choose some other grandstand for that day or does it work only on tickets bought from there?

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)