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    Iestyn Davies

    1. Ricciardo
    2. Hamilton
    3. Alonso
    4. Verstappen
    5. Rosberg
    6. Vettel
    7. Sainz
    8. Perez
    9. Raikkonen
    10. Bottas
    11. Hulkenberg
    12. Vandoorne
    13. Grosjean
    14. Magnussen
    15. Button
    16. Ericsson
    17. Palmer
    18. Wehrlein
    19. Massa
    20. Ocon
    21. Nasr
    22. Gutierrez
    23. Kvyat
    24. Haryanto


    Iestyn Davies

    With calendar negotiations, you have to determine what is a bargaining position and what is definitive. It looks to me for example that Malaysia is definitely not going to renew.

    Singapore is likely a bargaining position, as it’s a mighty effective race, and will be free of competition in the region once Malaysia leaves. That one is about getting more government money to replace the private investment.

    France has been put together to rejoin as a replacement for Germany. Now, if you want a rumour, I’ve heard that Russia will quit after 2017 to focus on hosting the FIFA World Cup (2018), with Azerbaijan following suit after 2018 due to the cost of hosting the race.

    This frees up space for a second race in the USA. The word there is that Tavo Hellmund is working on a race in Palm Springs, as well as buying a stake in Manor. He’s single-handedly boosting F1 in the Americas..


    Iestyn Davies

    Going by the old F1 points system, 9-6-4-3-2, gives:

    Alonso – 92
    Hamilton – 58
    Ricciardo – 28
    Vettel – 25
    Rosberg – 17
    Perez – 6
    Sainz – 5
    Verstappen – 4


    Iestyn Davies

    @davidnotcoulthard I thought you might do that :), Haugland looks strong.

    @mathers has just confirmed that I can run Thierry Xylander in 2016 FV2! I did wonder if the interim livery would be hard to tell apart from the new Meteor, but lets wait and see how it looks with colours applied :D

    All seats are now confirmed @bradley13 :). @holmqvist Those comparisons are great, something which would be great to see in F1. Will be interesting to see the 2015 FV top ten!


    Iestyn Davies

    Agree, that Meteor looks stunning! I can also see the evolution in the new Downton livery @bradley13

    I like the Jack & Jones link up too, I know someone who works on their sponsorship of Magnussen! @formula-1

    @jamiefranklinf1 has confirmed that I can continue to run Rodolfo de la Fuente in FV2 for 2016 :)


    Iestyn Davies

    “Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties. Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.”

    What a time to see that! Now it loads.. :P

    Interesting, I thought it was just a shorter version of the main series, an AI simulation on rF2. But I can see the logic in that, and how it relates to what we see in the junior series results, which have a bit more of a random feel to them (and given how many feeder series are, that’s not wholly unexpected!).

    @ajcross and @bronislav, I have been waiting to hear from @jamiefranklinf1 for a few days now :)


    Iestyn Davies

    @blockwall2 True; it would certainly be interesting if we saw the van Snelheid brothers face off against each other in the same team!


    Iestyn Davies

    @holmqvist I hope not! Rodolfo hasn’t finished a feature race lower than 4th! If that doesn’t say champion, I don’t know what does..

    I’m a bit confused by the engines now, are they still team development specific (i.e. low or high nose and development points)? Or is there some sort of collective benefit in partnering up for team engine development?


    Iestyn Davies

    Good results keep on coming! However..

    @holmqvist, @robocat, @davidnotcoulthard, @ajcross, @sizza, @alexf11995, @fastiesty, @lolzerbob, @bronislav, @hawkaussie

    Scandal in Malaysia

    It appears that the corruption scandal in the leadership of the South East Asian country has ignited a mini-firestorm. It is in these circumstances that Rayyan Jeffri’s backing failed to materialise, which means he can’t see out the Winter Series season at Swallow Racing Team.

    In his place steps Luca Andreolli, who has been released from the Scuderia Rossi junior team and thus did not run in the recent Young Driver Test. There were a few promising young options for the seat, but the squad has chosen to go with experience at such short notice.


    Iestyn Davies

    Agree, that was a great race in Fuji with the mixed weather, just like in Hockenheim. I can’t help but see Halvosen, Beyer and Nakumaya as Hulkenberg, Perez and Kobayashi (with AMR as 2012 Sauber), mixing it with the big boys whenever there’s a shower. Heartbreak for Agostino, as an off off-screen put paid to his point position, yet I’ll bet he’s still finished closer to the winner than any non-point scorer has ever done.

    That’s also a great opening race for me in the FV2 Winter series! 1-3 and leading the way!


    Iestyn Davies

    Wow, that tribute livery looks great @jamiefranklinf1!

    I also think that it’s a great decision for @holmqvist to be Meteor deputy principal, learning how to run an FV team, while we duke it out in FV2 ;).

    Engine fires were a nice addition at the last race (which was a good one)! Lets hope for another wet cracker!

    Cool to see a new pole sitter in Milkovich :)


    Iestyn Davies

    Some great racing in the last two races, really a big plus, coming from the development rules and I imagine car optimization while trying to test the buggy tracks. It looks like the faster cars have unlocked top gear, especially Westwood! It was interesting to see the 2016 mock-ups, while AMR’s new livery looks brilliant.

    Three commentators was a nice touch, if a bit hectic at times. Franklin will need to be wary, between Wagner’s caution and Ruiz’s aggression, lest Domenicalli’s consistency sneak the title! To start off the rumour mill.. Swallow Racing Team are looking to change their FV2 Team Name and Nationality for 2016 ;), and also liked the look of the yellow Downton!


    Iestyn Davies

    Nice to hear @hawkaussie!

    @bradley13 I can also confirm that @jamiefranklinf1 has given me permission to run Rodolfo de la Fuente in the 2015-16 FV2 Winter Series.


    Iestyn Davies

    In F1, there’s more reliability than ever – does that apply to the other series? Money is probably the other main thing, and that yes, with things so fine-tuned nowadays, there’s less opportunity for others to get amongst the top results.


    Iestyn Davies

    @alexf11995 Damn, I would’ve picked Palma! 10 minutes too slow! I’m tempted to go with Jeffri, while thinking about a second driver.

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