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    Points system

    Points system

    1st 25 points
    2nd 18 points
    3rd 15 points
    4th 12 points
    5th 10 points
    6th 8 points
    7th 6 points
    8th 4 points
    9th 2 points
    10th 1 points

    Driver stats

    Favorite circuits

    Each driver in the series has three favorite tracks decided by their team bosses as the start of their career. When a driver races at one of his favorite tracks an additional 0.1 will be added to each ability area.

    Ability Improvements

    At the end of each season drivers receive ability improvements on the condition they race in at least 4 races in the season and determined by he drivers age. Drivers can also receive ability improvements depending on their individual success. As follows;

    24 and under: +0.2
    28 and under: +0.1
    32 and under: N/A
    36 and under: -0.1
    40 and under: -0.2
    44 and under: -0.3
    *added to each ability area.

    Race winner: +0.1
    Pole winner: +0.1
    Rain winner: +0.1
    *added to the appropriate ability area.

    New Drivers

    All new drivers must spread 66 points between Race, Qualifying, and Wet ability; the lower the number the better performance. These are not chosen by team managers. A driver can not start with an ability area below 19.9.


    World Constructors Championship prize money

    Teams receive end of season prize money based on their end of season finishing order. The prize money has changed for the end of Season Two. As follows;

    1st: £40,000,000
    2nd: £35,000,000
    3rd: £32,000,000
    4th: £27,000,000
    5th: £24,000,000
    6th: £22,000,000
    7th: £20,000,000
    8th: £18,000,000
    9th: £16,000,000
    10th: £15,000,000
    11th: £14,000,000
    12th: £13,000,000

    New Teams

    Teams that are entering the series for their debut season will receive £13,000,000(the same amount as the 12th place finisher).

    Driver Pricing

    Depending on a drivers current Drivers Championship position their price will vary. As follows;

    1st £17,500,000
    2nd £14,500,000
    3rd £12,000,000
    4th £10,000,000
    5th £9,000,000
    6th £8,000,000
    7th £7,250,000
    8th £6,500,000
    9th £6,000,000
    10th £5,500,000
    11th £5,000,000
    12th £4,500,000
    13th £4,000,000
    14th £3,500,000
    15th £3,000,000
    16th £2,500,000
    17th £2,000,000
    18th £1,750,000
    19th £1,500,000
    20th £1,250,000
    21st £1,000,000
    22nd £750,000
    23rd £600,000
    24th and below/test drivers £500,000

    Driver Auctions

    A manager can make a bid on a driver (except for those who are already in a contract for the following season) at any time. When a manager makes a bid; they must state which driver, the date, and their bidding price, as well as informing all the other managers in the series. The managers bid must match the drivers current championship sitting price (see above). For the bid to be successful it must stand uniterupted for 5 days in a row. Another manager can challenge the bid by bidding higher, therefor resetting the 5 day waiting period. If the individual driver moves ahead in the championship order the managers in the auction must match the drivers new price.

    If a manager successfully wins an auction of one of their current drivers they will receive a 25% discount on the driver.

    Research and Development

    As of Season Two managers must research next seasons car or develop the current seasons car. Each development (also 0.1) will cost £500,000. Managers can not spend more than £3,000,000 a race. Managers can not spend more than £1,500,000 on one ability area a race. Managers must present this in their messages as of next season; example as follows;

    R RA – 0.1 equal to £500,000
    R QA – 0.3 equal to £1,500,000
    R WA –

    D RA –
    D QA -0.1 0.1 equal to £500,000
    D WA – 0.1 0.1 equal to £500,000

    If a manager fails to explain and send their chosen developments before the individual race, it will be assumed they have chosen not to research or develop.

    The developments teams make will be added to their chosen ability areas. At the beginning of very season Race, Qualifying, and Wet ability is reset to 20.0 before adding on developments.

    Race Winnings

    At the end of each race teams received rac4 winnings depending on their highest drivers finishing position. Teams only receive the prize money from their highest drivers finishing position. As below;

    1st – 4th £500,000
    5th – 10th £400,000
    11th – 14th £300,000
    15th – 20th £200,000
    21st – 24th £100,000
    DNF £0

    Race Weekend

    Race Strategies

    Team managers must send in their race strategies before the chosen deadline. Example as follows;

    Driver 1
    Stop 1 -lap 15
    Stop 2 -lap 41

    Driver 2
    Stop 1 -lap 13
    Stop 2 -lap 30
    Stop 3 -lap 46

    Team managers who fail to send in their strategies before the chosen deadline will have both drivers be put on 5 stop strategies with 3 of those stops being held back to back. The team will also face a £3,000,000 fine.

    Driver Changes

    Mid season driver changes

    Teams can have no more than 4 drivers race for them in a single season.

    Drivers changing teams mid season

    Drivers are allowed to change teams mid season with the appropriate managers deciding their own deals and prices. Team managers can hire drivers mid season such as former drivers. If a manager decides to put a former driver in their team mid way through the season, they must pay the price depending on where they finished in their last championship season.