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    The veyron engine is hugely heavy in comparison to an F1 engine that’s without the size of the 10 radiators needed to cool car cool. A F1 engine weighs around 70- 90kg approx, the veyron’s probably weighs 5 times more? The extra 300 horse power the veryon engine makes would not compensate for the difference in weight when comparing the power to weight ratio.

    What is the comparison though? is it straight line drag? top speed? or circuit time?



    On F1 2010 you deliberately put every other driver into the wall so you can have a tight Championship battle with Hamilton, then come the final race loose…



    I have to say, Alonso and Hamilton Tier 1 drivers,

    Tier 2, Vettel, Button, Roseberg, Schumi, Kubica.

    Below them, Webber, and everyone else. Last year no one would have put Vettel up there with Alonso and Hamilton and i still put think that way. Put them in the same car and Im sure the Verdict would be out.



    yea well now days the tyres are not as durable, you cant do any “holy cow how did he do that” move coz you will wreck the tyres, we have had none of those types of moves this year. and there is “I cant pass you through talent, so i use DRS”

    do a “holy cow how did he do that” and you will probably lock the tryes and ruin them and have to pit early.



    Nz wont have a GP, the government would be burnt down for even thinking of spending money on a sport that isnt rugby! Nz is delusional about how many people watch rugby in nz, id say less than 15% would watch the all blacks play when a test is on



    I’ve heard from alot of sites that the Red Bull has too much downforce for the Pirelli tyres. On the Bridgestones the more downforce the better, on the Pirelli’s there is aparently a “golden” limit of downforce for the tyres. If you dont have enough downforce the tryes slide and if you have too much downforce apparently the tyres are too compressed and wear faster.

    Because the diffuser is turning up so much downforce on the rear on the Red Bull, they have the ability to just cut the angle of the rear wing to reduce drag and downforce to that “golden” level. So apparently, Red Bull have more downforce avalible to them but they can’t use it because of the tyres. This is apparently why they have been caught by McLaren with Ferrari close behind.

    The 1 lap quali Red Bull, uses all its downforce, the 1 lap laptime is not enough time for the Pirelli’s to overheat using full downforce. So pole is a breeze, But in the race its a driffernt situation.

    But thats just what I’ve heard. I agree with the idea, I think it makes sence.



    Id say F1 will disapear, probably being surpassed by a faster series (less restricted) leading to lack of interest and eventual demise. But I’d say that would be in 30- 40 years away.

    Anyway im happy with the idea of having F1 to watch while I continue with my career, and start a family, if it lasts 15 more years then Il be a happy man.



    Best Driver: Nico Rosberg

    Worst Driver: Narain

    Lewis Hamilton Award for Best Rookie: Paul di Resta

    Yuji Ide Award for Worst Rookie: Pastor

    Best Team: Red Bull

    Worst Team: Virgin

    Best Overtake so far: Hamilton on Button in China

    Best Funny-moment so far: Renaults having more wings than the Red Bulls

    Takuma Sato Award for Erratic Driving: Schumacher

    Most Surprising Result: Petrov on the Podium

    Least Surprising Result: Red Bull in Qualifying

    Best Grand Prix so far: Canada

    Worst Grand Prix so far: Europe

    Season Rating: 5.5/10



    Barri aint goen no where.


    Chandok (replacing trulli)

    D’ambrosio (or how ever you spell it)



    Gotta be neweys f1 first car, Leyton House CG901.

    Blue, Green and Black, would love to see someone copy it on one of todays cars



    This game is so easy, playin with Torro Losso, Legend (no assists), manual gearbox, full distance. Won 10 out of 11 races doing quali for Hungary now,

    10 wins.

    11 fastest laps.

    250 points.

    114 point lead.

    4 poles.

    Q3 in all races.

    If you aint the fastest car in the race, just do a double stint on opions then final stint on primes and you pretty much end out infront with 20 or so laps left.



    1. Williams, just does something for me.

    2. Mclaren, nothing about it is suttle, just all over aggression.

    3. Mercedes, I don’t think I can say anything on the car looks slightly bad suprised it isn’t faster.

    4. Red Bull, hate the team, car is a masterpeice though.

    5. Sauber, fills the “midfeild car” position perfectly.

    6. Torro Rosso, same as above.

    7. Lotus, looks better than last years “box”

    8. Ferrari, nothing exciting on it at all, just so plain to me, prefered last years car.

    9. Renault, still looks gumpy all though improvement of 09′ and 10′ car

    10. Force India, nothing special.

    11. Virgin, designed by a computer…

    12. HRT, designed by a guy with a pencil, photocopier and a picture of a dog.



    i want to see a current f1 car with a 08′ style wing with the lower nose, maybe a 08′ stle rear wing but the body stle the same as what we have now



    I can’t stand Ferrari bacuase i find thier actions very rude. I hate the talk about thier passion and how they push thier history into conversations to make them sound like they are wearing the trousers, when to me they just sound like brats.

    I dont think they realise that just bacause a team hasnt been in F1 as long as them that dont have as much passion as the prancing horse, but how do you measure passion? you cant really! Only Ferreri always tell us that they are the most passionate and that we should listen to them, then disrespect the rules and the sport in germany last year.

    I think Luca di Montezemolo is a males genatals, who thinks F1 would die if Ferrari left the sport, when I think the sport would suffer for a year or two then no one would care. It’s the attite that drives me up the wall.

    I can’t stand Alonso, and because Ferrari adore him i dont like them for that (but thats personal)

    Mostly Ferrari’s smug attitude annoys and how they have cheated in the past so blatently then talk to the world like we are… well you know.



    yea and then and in a week and 10 minutes it will get pulled down again,

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