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    I have a few things I would really like to see in the next F1 game.
    1) When you start a new career the game should automatically assume you are a highly sought after rookie and so you go into the pre-season testing doing tests for several different teams and then depending on how well you do you may get one or more offers to be a second seat driver, or even a test driver. So you have to choose between a second seat with Caterham or test driver role with a higher up team.
    2) I would like the option for a longer career.
    3)Visual upgrades to the cars such as a slightly different nose or front wing.
    4)When one season ends and the next starts, your team, if you stayed with the same one, should have a new pit location depending on your standings from the previous season.
    5)I would also like to see driver retirements as well as drivers changing teams after each season when their contracts end.
    6)Owner mode. I would like to experience what it would be like to be a team owner or Principal. During each race weekend though you can choose to drive as either one of your drivers. As the season progresses you can tell your drivers how they are doing and replace them with your test drivers if needed.
    7)I would also like to see a farm system in then sense that you go and check on the lower racing tiers to see which simulated rookies will be challenging you or your other computer drivers for seats at the start of next season.
    8)Create your own team.
    9)but most importantly, I want to be able to start a career with a low end team, and year after year slowly improve the team so until they are challenging for championships.

    I will take whatever they will give me in the next game, but I would like to see much more realism in the career mode.

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