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    Alonso on Vettel – Copse



    Fernando on Kimi gets my vote too



    Best Driver: Magnussen
    Worst Driver: Guitierrez
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: Lotus (I love them but…)
    Best Overtake: Bottas on Raikonnen
    Funniest Moment: Button’s pitstop nose break
    Most Surprising Result: Hamilton retiring
    Least Surprising Result: Mercedes win
    Special Mention to: Riccardo, Bottas, Kyvat
    Race Rating: 7/10






    @davids now that’s a scoring system I could get behind!



    – Grosjean’s skills coming together. Seeing him settle into a calm and fast driver has been a joy to watch
    – Witnessing Vettel’s dominance, ok it can be boring at times but that Red Bull just suits him. Clearly the combination of the team and driver brings the magic.

    – Maria de Villota’s death
    – The tyres. I defended them last year because we saw some good racing and some interesting strategies but this year it has become a joke. There are races where I can’t even tell you what happened because they were so boring with predictable pit strategy and tyre conservation meaning you knew early on where everyone was likely to finish.



    Best Driver: Grosjean
    Worst Driver: Maldonado
    Best Team: Red Bull (world record pit stop has to count!)
    Worst Team: Force India
    Best Overtake: Bottas on Gutierrez
    Funniest Moment: Brundle and Crofty discussing Hamilton’s radio messages
    Most Surprising Result: Bottas
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel winning / Maldonado hitting someone
    Special Mention to: Vettel, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Perez
    Race Rating: 7/10



    Best Driver: Grosjean
    Worst Driver: Massa
    Best Team: Red Bull
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen on Hulkenberg
    Funniest moment: Van Der Garde and Bianchi’s chat
    Most Surprising Result: Gutierrez 7th
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel winning
    Special Mention to: Vettel, Gutierrez
    Race Rating: 9/10



    Best Driver: Alonso
    Worst Driver: Button
    Best Team: Ferrari
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Alonso on lap 1 (Raikkonen/Hamilton)
    Best Funny- moment: Hamilton’s radio comments “I can’t drive any slower” “I’ve been overtaken by a Williams”
    Most Surprising Result: Just how bad the Merc’s were
    Least Surprising Result: Raikkonen driving another solid race
    Special Mention to: Riccardo, Gutierrez (finally a decent race!)
    Race Rating: 5/10



    Best Driver: Vettel, flawless drive
    Worst Driver: Webber, not really anywhere and once again barging into people
    Best Team: Lotus, strategic masterminds
    Worst Team: Sauber, looked poor all weekend
    Best Overtake: Too many great battles to pick just one!
    Best Funny-moment: Grosjean’s radio messages after finishing
    Most Surprising Result: Grosjean pulling a 3rd place out of nowhere
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel winning
    Special Mention to: Kimi, Alonso, di Resta
    Race Rating: 9/10 – strategy, wheel to wheel racing, battles up and down the field, the only thing missing was a challenge to Vettel
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Ted Kravitz
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Johnny Herbert, now that Lazenby’s improving I find Herbert asks inane questions and is unnecessarily combative
    Best Commentary moment: Rosberg/Raikkonen mixup from Brundle
    World feed rating: 9/10 focused on the exciting moments and showed a lot of replays



    I’ve always had a team and a driver that I support – occasionally the stars have aligned and my favourite driver is in my favourite team!

    Team wise, it’s Lotus nee Renault nee Benetton, I stuck by them during the insanity of Briatore’s last seasons simply because they were my team! I’ve been an Alonso fan pretty much since he started in F1, I’m still a fan but I think he’s now lost his ‘most favourite driver’ spot to Grosjean!



    Best Driver: di Resta – although I’d forgotten about him until I read other responses. There’s something very bland about him that makes me forget he’s there!
    Worst Driver: Schumacher
    Best Team: Force India, an unfortunately timed safety car is the only reason Hulkenberg didn’t finish well
    Worst Team: Williams, both drivers doing well until the cars broke on them
    Best Overtake: Massa on Senna
    Best Funny-Moment: What happened there? What happened there?
    Most Surprising Result: Glock 12th
    Least Surprising Result: Karthikeyan hit a wall
    Special Mention To: Lotus, considering how badly they started the weekend they managed to get both cars home in the points & Vettel, disappointed with himself in qualifying he started superbly and just kept going
    Race Rating: 6/10



    Massa on Senna



    Best Driver: Perez
    Worst Driver: Webber, struggled all weekend
    Best Team: McLaren
    Worst Team: Red Bull
    Best Overtake: Perez on Raikkonen
    Best Funny- moment: ‘Stop the car stop the car’
    Most Surprising Result: Perez, although we shouldn’t be surprised he has done this before!
    Least Surprising Result: d’Ambrosio struggling
    Special Mention to: Sauber, they’re better than they think & Lotus who did their fastest ever pit stop (2.44) and had both under 3s
    Race Rating:6/10



    Best Driver: Jenson Button, finally gets the car working and drives the hell out of it
    Worst Driver: I hate to say it because I really like him, but Romain Grosjean – he was struck with a bit of bad luck picking up the puncture that damaged the car, but even before that he never really got the car working, certainly had a weekend to forget
    Best Team: Sauber
    Worst Team: Williams, another team hit with bad luck but also did nothing special
    Best Overtake: Räikkönen on di Resta
    Best Funny- moment: Hamilton/Vettel from the McLaren radio call to Vettel’s anger
    Most Surprising Result: Romain Grosjean
    Least Surprising Result: Fernando Alonso dominating the weekend
    Special Mention to: Räikkönen from 10th to 4th and inheriting 3rd. Solid driver
    Race Rating: 6/10

    BBC vs Sky: Sky
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Ted Kravitz
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: The lead presenters as a group, going on and on about Lotus being continually bad at strategy – that was rather a head scratching moment
    Best Commentary moment: Kravitz fanboying at the cars all lined up together tied with Hill and Herbert’s insistance to Christian Horner that Vettel’s overtake being wrong and Hamilton’s overtake being legal
    World feed rating: 7/10, definitely felt like we were missing interesting things on track

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)