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    Spotting the Fanvision/KangarooTV at 1:51 made me remember that F1 actually had that before they did. Sigh…



    Vettel’s 2014 = Schumacher’s 2005?

    As I had hinted at earlier in this thread (which was last year!), this is precisely what happened.

    Also, if the similarities between Schumacher and Vettel continue in future seasons, will Sebastian ever win another world title?

    It depends how you see it. I think Vettel is now aiming for a Schumacher 1996 rather than a Schumacher 2006 type of year. After all, Vettel in 2015 is entering Ferrari at the same time Schumacher did in 1996 – age 27.



    1. What country are you in: Philippines
    2. Which channels broadcast F1 near you?: Fox Sports networks
    3. Do they show all the races live or only a limited number (if so, how many?): Yes – all races are shown live on either Fox Sports SD or Star Sports SD. Also shown live on Fox Sports HD for most races.
    4. Do they also show qualifying live? Yes – all qualifying sessions are shown live on at least one of Fox Sports SD, Star Sports SD, or Fox Sports HD.
    5. Do they also show practice sessions live? Yes – all practice sessions are shown live on at least one of Fox Sports SD, Star Sports SD, or Fox Sports HD.
    6. If they are a subscription channel, what does a full year’s subscription cost (excluding limited time offers)? Assuming basic cable package, PHP 5400 (72 GBP) with Fox Sports SD and Star Sports SD addons, PHP 8400 (112 GBP) with both SD channels plus Fox Sports HD. (minimum contract 12 months)
    7. Do they broadcast coverage online? If so please post link/s. Pitlane and onboard feeds are available through It doesn’t ask for subscription info, so may be geolocked.
    8. Please supply any other relevant information such as alternative viewing options – Fox Sports has F1 rights for the entire Southeast Asia region, but prices vary by country (and cable operator).



    I have been experiencing this as well. Been posting a lot on the Aus GP posts, and I do get tagged by those who reply to me. But no notifications.



    Some non-Ferrari ones that haven’t been mentioned so far:

    Tyrrell 1973: Jackie Stewart and Francois Cevert
    Tyrrell 1974: Jody Scheckter and Patrick Depailler

    Williams, start of 1981: Alan Jones and Carlos Reutemann
    Williams, middle of 1982: Keke Rosberg and Derek Daly



    Ferrari, start of 1976: Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni
    Ferrari, end of 1977: Gilles Villeneuve and Carlos Reutemann

    Ferrari, start of 1982: Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi
    Ferrari, end of 1982: Mario Andretti and Patrick Tambay

    Ferrari, start of 1990: Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell
    Ferrari, end of 1991: Jean Alesi and Gianni Morbidelli

    Ferrari 1995: Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger
    Ferrari 1996: Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine

    Ferrari, end of 2009: Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella
    Ferrari, start of 2010: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

    Ferrari has quite the history of drastic changes, no?



    @jackysteeg I just hope AFDC makes it to F1. If he doesn’t it may just prove how unlucky 13 is.

    But it has had a history of bad luck too (in the pre-F1 era), which caused the ACF to drop 13.



    @colossal-squid Yes, I’m thinking the same. I hope and pray he will pull through.

    @vonhoff Not sure, but that could be Gerard Saillant, a very good friend of Michael’s and Jean Todt’s. He was the guy who treated Michael through his 1999 leg injury.



    Here’s my list:
    2000: Japan (Schumi ending the Ferrari drought in a straight fight)
    2001: Malaysia (Ferrari comeback!)
    2002: Australia (Points for Minardi!!!)
    2003: Britain (That race had everything – including raving lunatic)
    2004: Italy (Another Ferrari comeback!)
    2005: Japan (Duh.)
    2006: China (Schumi’s last win was just epic)
    2007: Canada (Lewis win AND Super Aguri fighting into the points – what’s not to like?)
    2008: Brazil (Hated the ending, but by golly that was a RACE)
    2009: Australia (The way Brawn stunned everyone that weekend)
    2010: Britain (But to be honest, I don’t remember a specific individual race from that year)
    2011: Canada (Rain break or otherwise)
    2012: Europe (Valencia went out in style)
    2013: Monaco (Nico handled that race to perfection)



    Full statement from resort is there (and the translation has been reported on BBC too). Let’s hope the news stays positive.



    @colossal-squid Amen to that. And amen again.

    BBC and Sky are reporting it, so the incident must be legit. What we don’t know at this point is how serious the injuries are, if at all.



    It’s been taken off YouTube – and moved to Vimeo.



    @matt90 Lotus did not race in F1 with engines of their own construction (partnering with Ford, Renault, and Honda among others). So they are not F1 manufacturers for me.



    For me, in F1 terms, a manufacturer is a team making its own chassis AND engine (as well as road cars, obviously). So for the purposes of this ranking, McLaren is not included, as is Renault’s success as an engine (but not chassis) builder and supplier.

    1. Ferrari
    2. Renault
    3. Mercedes
    4. Alfa Romeo
    5. Maserati
    6. Honda
    7. BMW
    8. Porsche
    9. Toyota
    10. Jaguar



    Just a hunch, this MAY be the 2013 FIA Gala video. Had similar title/format last year. Will be shown 4 times on Christmas Day on Sky Sport Italia. Please help record, Italian friends! :)

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