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    Very good thread. An interesting read.

    1 Michael Schumacher ( can it really be anyone else?)

    2 Alonso (this year has further solidified his name in the list of all time greats. An all time top 10 for me now. What he’s done this year I think is comparable with Schu’s magic with the ’96 and ’97 dustbins)

    3 Raikkonen (should/could be a double world champ. Bundles of talent. The iceman needs no justification)

    4 JP Montoya (blisteringly quick, left the sport too early. Much like Kimi, he could have been so much better had he been motivated. 2003 should’ve been his)

    4 Hamilton (2007 and 2008 were so very impressive for hammy, but he declined from 09-11. His performance this year has upped him again in my estimations, but ultimately to me his most impressive season was his debut season – and equal runner up in your rookie season (Hamilton) is not as impressive to me as equal runner up as effectively a number 2 driver (Alonso)

    5 Vettel (I am admittedly not his biggest fan, but all those above him have been tested in slower cars and against tough team mates. Before I can elevate Seb further, he must fulfil this criteria)

    6 Kubica (championship material, quick from the word go, much the same as JPM in many respects. Hope to see him back in ’14)

    7 Massa (impressed in 06. Would have shone if his team mate wasn’t a demigod. 2008 was his. He will be back to pre-crash Massa next year. Mark my words)

    8) button (Mclaren years for me have proven more about him than his title at Mercedes. A very good driver. Arguably better than Hammy but just not fast enough to be considered at top of the pile.

    9 Fisichella (challenged Nando relatively regularly, a solid driver who never really proved just how good he was.

    10 Barrichello (at times he was comparable to schumi. In 2009 he eclipsed Button later in the season. Such an underrated driver. Could have won last season in a RedBull, at least)

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