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    Best Driver:Button for the strength of spirit

    Worst Driver:Lewis for all “good” that he did in the last races

    Best Team:Renault for good updates, and the lack of tactics mistakes

    Worst Team:Ferrari in transfer to an intermediate for Alonso in 2 laps before the rain, and in pit stop for Massa after Vettel in one lap before the red flags.

    Best Overtake:When Michael takes second place

    Best Funny-moment:Birds again

    Most Surprising Result:Vettel 2nd

    Least Surprising Result:DNF for Lewis

    Special Mention to:Vitaly for he had brought the car to the finish line whole and in good points

    Race Rating: 11/10

    I will not assess the BBC broadcast because I have not seen it. But thanks to DC for chocolate:)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)