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    I reckon it’s going to be:

    1. Great Britain – partly out of patriotic pride, partly because I have a niggling feeling that this is Button’s year and partly because I think Hamilton will do better than his detractors think
    2. Germany – because of Vettel, obviously
    3. Finland – Close one between Finland and Spain, but I think Raikannon will do very well and I’m hoping Bottas will prove to be amazing. Also, I’m forlornly clinging onto the idea that Williams is about to reveal a 2013 car that will blow everyone else out of the water as I do every year
    4. Spain – Wouldn’t put it past him to win the whole thing, tbh, but I’m conservatively placing him, and Spain, fourth.
    5. Brazil – I think Massa is going to have somewhat of a renaissance in 2013
    6. Australia – Following the pattern of the last few seasons, Webber will show sparks of brilliance in a few races and then be underwhelming for the rest of it.
    7. Mexico – Perez will probably score a decent amount of podiums, and Gutierrez is in with a shot of winning some points
    8. France – Grosjean will probably do decently, although he has the potential to do amazingly. Vergne might get at least a few points and Pic will get 1 point, if he’s lucky.
    9. Venezuela – Maybe a podium or two for Maldanardo if he doesn’t kill someone first
    10. Netherlands – Van der Garde might score some points if everyone else on the grid dies in a freak accident. And even then it’s unlikely.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)