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    Didn’t Rubens promise his wife that he’ll never race on ovals? Although he needs a drive and the DW12 is clearly a safer car than the previous spec, I think he’ll have to do some serious selling to her on that idea…



    @keith Well, at least Alex Wurz doesn’t have to worry about a drive, but wonder where Ant Davidson will go?



    Alex Wurz must have known something the other drivers didn’t because he’s gone off to Toyota…



    From my comment on Twitter:
    “Hope it’s the ground effect/turbo era equivalent of Grand Prix Legends…”

    Would be great to have the 1985 – 1994 season in one game, and have the NA cars behave differently from the turbo cars (and handling differences between cars with and without active suspension… Also hope they can include the era appropriate driver roster too…



    Something from Alex Tagliani on Twitter: “@TonyKanaan we need to get together @dariofranchitti @scottdixon9 @h3lio @12WillPower @MarcoAndretti @RyanHunterReay push drastic changes”

    The first big task for the IRL counterpart to the GPDA???



    I started a 5 year career, starting with Lotus, booting out poor Heikki in the process. Did some time trials in Singapore and Melbourne and some decent setup work (I’m driving with all assists off).

    Started a quick race (Australia) with McLaren (as Jenson Button) in P4, bogged down a bit off the start and accidentally tangled with my teammate at Turn 3 :D He got bundled down to P8, while I got Webber at Turn 11 and Vettel at Turn 13, all in Lap 1. Sim-Webber tried to get me back on Lap 3 at Turn 5, but he went into a spin after contact with my right rear… Won that race with Sim-Vettel about 0.1s behind me…

    Fun game, but incredibly hard to lose it on the throttle even with traction control off (unless you overdo it on the kerbs)…



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