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    Q: How are you feeling about the upcoming season?
    A: I am looking forward to it. Should be fun and just hoping to start it of well.

    Q: What expectations and targets do you have for this championship?
    A: Well firstly to avoid any accidents so i can finish all the races then to hopefully get into the points.

    Q: (For newcomers) What can you add to the championship? What sort of driver are you?
    A: I am normaly quite aggressive and take every lap as if it is a quali which normaly cause me to mess something up.

    Q: Are there any tracks on the calendar that will suit you?
    A: Melbourne and Canada as there two of my strongest tracks.

    Q: What do you think about your team mate?
    A: Dont have one.

    Q: Who will be your biggest rival?
    A: I think it is hard to say who my rival will be considering this is my first season.

    Q: Who will be the surprise package this season?
    A: Once again can really say as i haven’t raced with you guys before.

    Q: Are you using a steering wheel or a pad?
    A: Steering wheel picked up a few weeks ago still getting use to it however i already feel much more comfortable with it than a pad.

    Q: Will you be recording the races to share on the forum?
    A: Have had i hd pvr for a few years now never really used it so i guess i could upload them.

    Q: Do you have a headset or if not, will you be getting one?
    A: Have broke 6 in the past year a half so right now no. Will be getting one in a few weeks however not sure it if is compatible with a xbox 360.

    Q: What are you expecting from the season opener?
    A: Well with a full grid i expect a big pile up into turn 1.

    Q: What is your prediction for the top 3 in Bahrain?



    @maddogmolloy I would prefer the Toro rosso if that is possible.



    Hello i would like to join if there are any spaces left.
    I dont really care what team i am in but if i have to pick it would be :

    2.Force india

    Gamertag: PANE X PRINGLES

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)