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    bad news about your tickets! who did u book them with ? ….
    i think its woodcote A thats directly opposite wellington by the looks of it on the circuit map, looks like a good spot but im swaying towards club corner band 2 or 3 i think …ive heard they open the track to the public after the race.. do they let everyone on the track or just people who are sat in the pit straight grandstand?
    also do you have any advice on best campsites mate? cheers :)


    a 3 day ticket gives u a grandstand seat for the sunday & a roving pass for the friday & saturday so you can take ur pick of grandstands for the qualifiers i think …
    im lookin into going for my 1st time next year , has anyone got any advice on which grandstand to go for ? im swaying towards club,becketts or woodcote at the mo … also thinking of camping on litchlake? any camping advice would be appreciated … thanx guys

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)