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    Rhys Coles

    Worst – Germany Race – Team Orders…

    I was very angry…dont want to go there again.


    Rhys Coles

    First post…and its a long one :D

    26. Yamamoto – LOL

    25. Senna – Hard start to his race career and it might well be over :(

    24. Chandhok – Likeable chap, as good as Senna and pretty solid in the race but why was he there?

    23. Di Grassi – Yet another rookie….hmm..yea

    22. De La Rosa – Millionth chance and has failed…hope he isnt back.

    21. Klein – For the amount of time he had, pretty good. Out performed Senna in Singapore……

    20. Heidfeld – Only came in late but when he did he did do a good job.

    19. Luizzi – Should be ditched – not fast enough.

    18. Alguersuari – Started well, really good race in Malaysia and good scarps with MS, but just…another rookie struggling with the testing ban.

    17. Glock – Another good driver at the back….shame his team is crap.

    16. Buemi – Bit of a disappointment after last year. He hasent really grabbed F1 by the balls as you need to do, and there for is forgettable.

    15. Trulli – Solid job, really unlucky with reliability. He dosent seem as motivated as Kova, mainly due to age i guess…Lotus is long term, is Jarno really in for that?

    == Kovalainen – Solid job and pretty equal to Jarno..hard to pick between then. Also good at putting fires out.

    14. Petrov – Quick but too many crashes. Should get another season…testing ban hurts him for sure.

    13. Schumacher – 80% of the season has been a disaster, but good thing is he ended very well, strong on pace. He will have a better 2011, as Brundle says “He will be fine”…Still, its his worst season ever statistically, not even a podium.

    12. Hulkenberg – Bit of a let down, usually slower than Rubens…..Williams have made a grave error, but Frank knows this, he had no choice really :(

    11. Kobayashi- WOW…..what a legand…Banziiiiii. Really struggled early with a crap car, but he is the real deal. In a top team (in a few years) would be very interesting. Looking onboard is painful..it just dosent want to stop or turn.

    10. Massa – Not a good season from Massa (it hurts to say). Good start to the season but he seemed to get slower. A spell of 3-4 bad races mid season due to bad luck, a dirty MS and mistakes really ended it for him there. Hockenhiem would have lifted his head, but instead because of what happened it did the opposite. Hope and expect a better 2011.

    9. Sutil – A much improved season from Sutil and he has done what he had to do…not crash. He is just a whisker away from a team further up the grid.

    8. Barichello – and he just keeps on going…. He has gone what I expected of him

    7. Button – Some good calls early on and some good drives mainly all through experience, but lacked raw pace and spent most of the timing moaning, however, he proved most of us wrong and held his own at Mclaren mostly..apart from raw pace.

    6. Rosberg – Really good season from Nico. He has dominated Shumi more than we all ever thought and he should get the credit for that, rather than us all talking about Michaels lack of performance.

    5. Webber – Hard on with Mark. If you asked my 5 races ago her would be much closer to the top, but he didnt perform when he really needed to and has been dominated by Vettel for the past few months. 2011 will he really hard for him.

    4. Hamilton – Some very solid drives at the start but as in the past made some mistakes later on. In Monza, part mistake in Singpaore, and mistakes in Brazil and Korea (letting FA past twice….) cost him deer.

    3. Kubica – Out of the non WDC fighting guys, Kubica has done very very well. Taking into consideration he wasent fighting for the WDC so not really any pressure and with a so so team mate, he has done very well indeed.

    2. Alonso – Some stunning performances from him, putting that Ferrari where it shouldn’t really have been, but mistakes from a 2x WDC compared to a rookie just places him behind Seb.

    1. Vettel – 10 Poles, and many reliability problems, far more than the rest. For sure he made mistakes but he is a rookie…forgive him as we did with Lewis back then. Performed when it mattered most.

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